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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I signed up for the on ramp coarse for 1 month. The first thing they do not tell you is that there are several restrictions from what they are advertising. That is how they hook you. After the 7 classes of on ramp you join in with the regular classes but are limited as to what times until you join for $175.00 per month. The owner and Coach Scott Pfeifer is one of the head coaches there. Unfortunately he is highly uneducated and unfortunately has no people skills. When you proceed to ask for help because there is an exercise you have NOT been instructed on before, Scott tells you and I quote “don’t worry you will figure it out!” He is not willing to help you at all. He tears you down tells you you don’t have what it takes when you are still in training. He actually told a woman and I quote “you are not capable of doing this.” The main thing when working out and training is you do not want to get injured…that is not a concern at all of CrossFit Active Performance. Scott does not hesitate to tear you down and tell you can’t! He makes you feel inadequate because you need assistance on knowing how to do an exercise. Correct me if I am mistaken, but we are there to learn and get stronger and better, not become injured and weaker. I don’t know about you, but he should be building you up helping you obtain the confidence to believe YOU CAN not can’t. I wanted to make it known to all before joining CrossFit Active Performance buyer beware. There are several crossfit gyms out there that will give you proper instructions and lift you up not tear you down. In addition have NO restrictions as well. .

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