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Published: 30 May 2019

Posted by: Steven

Today I want to share my horrible experience with doctor Dr. Crow. I don’t usually write reviews on the internet but I felt like it is my social responsibility to make sure that everyone gets to know the reality of this sham. So I booked an appointment with Dr. Crow two months before my wedding. I wanted to get my smile improved and Sandra seemed to be the nearest expert to my house. I did not research about her on the internet and directly booked an appointment without any second thoughts. It was probably one of the worst mistakes of my life. I should have researched about her clinic and should have never gone there.

I actually had gaps in my teeth which made me very insecure about my smile. My mother advised me to get the gaps fixed at a cosmetic clinic and that’s how I ended up hiring Dr. Crow. During my first visit, all the staff members were super helpful, they made sure that I got everything I needed and behaved like the nicest people alive. I met with Dr. Crow who is really arrogant and her ego is just pathetic. She was very rude and even smirked when I showed her my teeth. She was very disrespectful! She advised me to make an advance deposit for the “Inlays and Onlays” procedure. I did not have any dental insurance plan which covered this procedure so I had to make the whole payment with cash. And yes, IT WAS NOT CHEAP. I paid the full amount by using my credit card. The next day, I returned for getting the procedure done and I noticed that the staff’s behavior was totally different. The receptionist did not utter a single word, she did not even reply to my “how are you doing”. I went into the doctor’s room and then Dr. Crow started her procedure.

She was very forceful and aggressive during the whole thing. She forcefully opened my mouth and did a checkup even though I got the X-Ray done from her yesterday. Then she started to do the main procedure. Everything was going ok when suddenly a heavy tool slipped from Sandra’s hands and fell directly on my front teeth. I could not feel the pain because of the sedation but at that moment, I knew something was wrong. However, I did not get much scared as Sandra was acting all cool. After the procedure was done I asked the doc to show me the mirror, however, she wasn’t giving me one. I got scared and I opened up my phone’s front camera and saw that both of my upper front teeth are barely hanging! I asked Dr. Crow, “What is this?” and she simply apologized and walked out of the room.

I wasn’t given any discount or compensation of any kind! Mrs. Crow RUINED MY SMILE JUST BEFORE MY WEDDING. Please don’t go to her clinic! She is nothing but an arrogant bitch with no expertise whatsoever!

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