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Poorly controlled by staff members. Does not make me happy.

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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Leroy

My unpleasant visit at Crowley Furniture & Mattress stayed with me for a long time. Customer service is of great importance and at this furniture store, I felt unwanted. They made me feel as if I was not good enough to buy furniture from Crowley Furniture & Mattresses. My bank balance didn’t comply with that of other rich customers.

Staff members don’t care what customers want but think of what they want from customers.

I won’t go back there again after feeling disappointed at the remarks thrown at my face there. I was told, that I should know the prices are high and asked if I can manage the cash payment. At Crowley Furniture & Mattresses I felt neglected by the staff and the owner.

The poor quality of the furniture is embarrassing to recommend to another customer. The wood is cheap and soft, the kind that crumbles easily. The furniture broke within a month. There are no guarantees at Crowley Furniture & Mattress. The light-colored mattress didn’t last a year. This type of mattress is not the quality and quantity they offer to their customers. Their mattresses require maintenance within a year. I will not recommend low quality to my friends.

My disappointment is that I bought furniture that falls apart in a short period with no guarantees. Bad customer service is not what I expected from Crowley Furniture & Mattress.

I expected better from this furniture store to my knowledge staff is friendly but not always friendly in the presence of customers. The order from Crowley Furniture & Mattress did not arrive as mentioned in the advertisement. The mattresses couldn’t be delivered on time and had to pick furniture directly from the store. The long drive to the store and back was not a pleasant experience. The lack of communication between customer and employee at Crowley Furniture & Mattress is non-professional.

They don’t care for customer’s services and punctuality.

The business hours are short, and deliveries are often delayed to the customer.

The poor performances from Crowley Furniture & Mattress did not impress me and fulfill my needs. At the store, staff showed no good intent and after receiving bad quality furniture I lost hope to deal with staff members who don’t know about the quality of furniture. There is no dedicated staff to make deliveries successful to the customer. The unskilled salesperson ignored my calls and with no professional help from Crowley Furniture & Mattress, I gave up on dealing with the company. I no longer buy furniture from Crowley Furniture & Mattress and don’t recommend the furniture company to anyone. I would not want the same experience to happen to anybody else, as it has disappointed me. I gladly stopped trying to make orders of bad quality furniture that caused a lot of mishaps. I feel Crawley Furniture & Mattress does not deserve a positive write up due to the bad customer service.

Customer care is important and at this furniture store, I have not seen good customer’s service from day one of my purchases. The lack of professionalism has changed my mind about shopping there and will not go back to query any lost orders of furniture from past experiences. The no concern for how customers feel about not receiving their orders on time.

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