Crown Auto Sales and Finance - North Tryon

Crown Auto Sales and Finance - North Tryon

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Published: 04 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please do your research when buying a car!!! I purchased a vehicle with a 6 month warranty from Crown in September 2014, 2 weeks later the car began to hesitate and would not acelerate on the highway. I of course took it to their service center and they stated all i needed was transmission oil and it would stop.. i think not! Fast forwarding to December the car continues to hesitate and now the only way the car will expell heat to keep my kids warm is for us to speed on the highway, the water pump and thermostat end up going on, they stated that i had gone over my mileage and i was unable to use the warranty so i pay out of pocket and i did.. Now a couple of months have gone past and the same water pump and thermostat that they supposedly replaced is down along with the engine, the car ended up cutting off on the highway and now I’m out of a car! They were once Autoking and were infamous for selling bad cars. Buyers Beware!!

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