Crown Estate Liquidators

Crown Estate Liquidators

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This husband and wife team came in stole some valuable items from my family that were to never be sold said they took them to a Dallas auction before date of estate sale. Sold large appliances at night while using our house Key before sale started and did not tell us until after. Claimed to family down the street they later gave us receipt and charged them no sales tax so they sold to one of their wholesale friends. Also did that with several collections of antiques to people they knew at the Dallas auction didn’t find out till it was over again charged no sales tax. Stole great grandfathers military sword never gave us the money receipt or admitting stealing it. After sale was over we were missing sterling candleabra I called them on it said they took it to try to sale at Dallas auction and thy would send money later. We never heard from them again never gave us a cent for it. After sale was over and everything was gone they even came back while we were gone stole our brand new banquet table left their heart up one and stole our food up chairs when I callled them about it David Greener yelled to me on the phone what difference does it make what table we took? This people act very sweet professional and will rob u blind. They claim to have a doll collecting business by that was clearly started by the theft of some of our antique dolls. These people need to be arrested. Beware Crown Estate Sales Fort Worth Tx.

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