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Published: 25 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The nightmare started on Saturday December 21, 2013 we picked up the unit at 10:30am. The plan was for my husband, myself and our dog to drive from NY to Florida to celebrate my Grandmother’s 100th Birthday on December 28, 2013. We couldn’t have been more surprised to learn that was the furthest thing from the truth. We reached our home after picking up the unit at 12:20pm Saturday December 21, 2013 we opened the under storage unit to get ready to load up and leave (we were planning to be in Florida on Monday December 23, 2013 to celebrate Christmas with family). when my husband opened the storage area he was disgusted and surprised to see that the openings that stored the included table, spare tire and hose were filled with dirty raw sewage water complete with feces and used toilet paper. I immediately called the office who found out closed at 12pm on Saturdays- I then called the “800” customer assistance number where Lucas told me that he was unable to reach anyone until Monday December 23, 2013 at 9am and that there was nothing that could be done and he could only document our “troubles” We videoed and photographed this disgusting mess that was left and then proceeded to get our wet/dry vac and extension cord and then spent the next several hours cleaning up the vial mess, disenfecting and drying everything. We then noticed that there was still clean water dripping in to those storage units and when we put on the water pump it was all clear to us! Water began to pour out from the bottom of toilet base and filled up the storage spaces and unit that we just spent hours cleaning. I called the “800” number again and when Lucas answered this time I told him that we discovered the issue. Someone attempted to hide the problem by putting fresh wet putty and duct tape on the toilet unit (we have on video). Now it made sense why the floor was wet when we picked it up. When we picked up the unit we asked Leon why the floor was wet and he stated he had just mopped it- wow what a liar and then the nerve of taking the tip we gave for “all his help”. Lucas again told me there was nothing that could be done until Cathy came into the 1045 Northern Blvd location on Monday morning. He told me my only 2 choices were to take unit and don’t use any water or wait and hope there might be a unit avail on Monday. Did I mention that we were to be in Florida on Monday? and that I had a child who was meeting me in Florida who I needed to pick up from the airport? We had no choice but to leave that next morning (already 1 day behind) after 2 days of disgust and frustration and having to rent motels because we couldnt use any benefit of having an RV on Monday morning I finally spoke with Cathy and explained the horror of our so-called vacation. She seemed very simpathic and said that she was sorry and that they would issue a 100% refund of the rental and that we would negoiate the other extra out of pocket expenses when we returned and to save the receipts. We complied and proceeded to spend the entire trip trying to find hotels (any idea how difficult that is in Florida during Christmas week with a dog?) we spent days and hours looking and ended up getting a crappy motel room at a premium. We had to spend the $2000. spending money we had to actually enjoy ourselves on the motel rooms as when I called Cathy to see where the promised refund was she said they would not issue until we returned the unit. We were forced to spend all our time in the motel room and could not do anything extra due to low funds. We also had to eat out all meals because no water on RV we could not cook an dclean up. Thank God we got to See my Grandmother’s 100th Birthday because every other detail of that 2 week nightmare was horrible. Then we get back and return the unit on time on Saturday January 4, 2014 and to my surprise after giving Cathy all the receipts as requested she called someone on the phone and then told me that I would have to wait until Heather McCleary from the Mesa Arizona location called me on Monday. She further stated that unless I signed a wavier not looking for any further compensation she would not process the promised 100 % refund for the actual rental cost. So now we are out over $5000.00 Monday afternoon Heather McCleary from the Cruise AMerica headquarters calls to tell me sorry but we never refund more than 100% no matter what we were already told on several occasions from Cathy (who identifies herself as the manager of the Cruise America Rosalyn location) I call Cathy back who tells me it is now out of her hands and I shouldn’t contact her any further. I ask about the $500. security deposit that should have been returned upon safe return by us of the RV unit and when we check our bank acct and see that not only did we not receive the full refund or the $500.00 security deposit they charged us an additional $102.00 for the extra mileage (plus the $500.00 deposit) I then keep trying to call Heather M in Mesa and Cathy in Rosalyn and still got no where. I have met with my attorney and will take this as far as needed. If you are considering dealing with this company DON’T! I also asked Heather for her supervisors name and to put me in contact. She identified Michael Smalls as her supervisory but said there was no way to reach him. I am appalled that this is allowed to happen and I will not let anyone else have this happen. I will contact any media source or agency I need to not only to get my reimbursement but also to protect others. These are just some of the issues we called and have video/photo documentation of other issues including the windsheild wipers we had to buy because the rubber was worn away on the ones on the vehicle. Even that $10.54 they won’t refund?! SHAME ON CRUISE AMERICA AND CATHY AT THE 1045 NORTHERN BLVD LOCATION. .

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