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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously has a very legitimate looking website that appears to sell research chemicals. The prices are suspiciously low and shipping is a flat rate $50 to anywhere, which is suspicious also. Once you place an order they will have you pay wither via Western Union or Bitcoin. This is also very suspicious. Why no Paypal? Well, it’s because these two forms of payment are the easiest way to scam you. For Western Union, they will ask you to send money to a person in China (they give name and address) that will be picked up at a Western Union location (huge red flag). Then they will ask you to provide your order number and MTCN . For a few days you will hear nothing from them. They won’t even pick up your money. Then they will notify you that the Reserach Chemical you ordered is Out of Stock. This buys them a few days. They will ask if you would like to wait or get a refund. If you choose refund they will not refund you. If you say you want to wait they will tell you the chemical is being made and will be ready to ship in 3-5 days. After 3-5 days go by they will do nothing. You have to contact them and they already have your money, so if you don’t they don’t care. Then after you contact them and ask when your product will ship they will say 24-48 hrs (everything will be 24-48hrs), but there will also be a problem. They will notify you that there is a problem and you did not use the correct pick up name. All pick ups at Western Union require a photo ID from the name given by you (the sender). So they will say the money is not there so you must have given the wrong name, but there is no way possible you gave the wrong name because the money has already been picked up. Then they will say they think the “b***h that works for them is stealing from the business. They will apologize and tell you your order will ship in 24-48 hrs (again!). After 2 days you will still have heard nothing. Then you contact them and they go back to the original problem. The money is not there and the “b***h that works in China swears she never picked it up. They will go back and forth apologizing and taking your side to then standing by their employee and accusing you of being the scam artist. Finally, they will ask you to provide a receipt that the funds were picked up. However, it is impossible to send anything except the email that Western Union sends you confirming the pick up. This is not good enough for them though and they will accuse you of photoshopping the email and will say you could have made up the email yourself. They know Western Union will not provide or send any other form of receipt, but they will ask you to get it. There is a hole in their scam though. Anyone can go to and if they click “I am the receiver”, enter the MTCN 9064990197, and the country it was picked up in (China) and the amount that was sent ($200 US dollars) it will show it was picked up. Here is the reply once I asked the gentlemen nicely to do this (anyone can do this too): Sorry it is in capital letter, but that’s how he sent it to me: ASI TOLD YOU THIS DONT PROVE NOTHING BECAUSE IS NOT SHOWING THAT SHE REALLY PICK THEM UP. YOU CLAIM AND CLAIM. BUT YOU DONT PROVE. IS SHE STOLE THEM HOW YOU EXPECT TO ADMIT IT. THE ONLY HERE WHO CARES TO FIND OUT IS ME. EVEN YOU DONT CARE SO MUCH BECAUSE SIMPLY THEY ARE ARE NO MONEY. PERHAPS I SHOULD EMPLOY YOUR BUSINESS. SENDING AN MTCN TO MY FRIEND IN CHINA, TO PICK IT UP, THEN TO ANOTHER VENDOR, SCREENSHOTS ETC, “PROOFS” WHICH I ALTERED IN PHOTOSHOP THATS FUNDS WAS PICKED UP AND AFTER CLAIM MY MONEY FROM THE VENDOR AND THAT HIS EMPLOYEES STEAL. VERY NICE BUSINESS HUH? AND HAVE MY FRIEND MAIL ME BACK THE CASH I don’t understand his scam that he talks about. I am just warning others, because anyone can go to and see the money was picked up and it can only be picked up by the name you gave. They will refuse to acknowledge this and accuse you of being at fault for not being able to present a physical receipt, which nobody can get because the transaction is done on-line. Please advise other friends and be careful. There are many people out there like this that are commiting crimes and getting away with it. .

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