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Published: 12 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Culik Law for a loan modification issue. The attorney was able to get my modification, but settled the case prematurely before getting any type of settlement for my attorney’s fees and compensation. I was never aware that the law firm settled the case by mistake and was trying to reopen the case without my knowledge. This was going on without my knowledge for 5-6 months. The reason I found out was he called me recently and stated. I needed to start paying him monthly, because I fell behind on my payments and needed to get paid. He also stated, I received the modification and they will not settle for any payment and we should no longer proceed with the case, because it would be too expensive and they would want another deposition and my lawyer stated to me that opposing consul filed for a dismissal with the Judge and he said the opposing consul citied a few cases and looks like the Judge is going to dismiss the case, this was 5 months after he settled the case and the case was closed. (He did not tell me the case was closed by mistake or intentionally.) I requested all files in the case and after reading all the files. I found out the attorney that was handling this case got fired over this case. I also found that there was a settlement offer that was not brought to my attention. I had to find out by opposing attorney, also opposing attorney stated, they never seen such a case being handled this way, it was like they felt bad for me. I was not aware my attorney settled/closed the case mistakenly or intentionally. I found that he settled/closed case with the Judge 5-6 months ago. All this was done without my knowledge, if I hadn’t read the case file I would have never known. | Also after reviewing the files, I also noticed an affidavit from the attorney that was fired from the case. I thought that was a bit weird as luck would have it that attorney gave me a call a couple of days later just to give me a brief explanation of why he left. He did not go in detail but he did say that the opposing attorney reached out to him and asked him to file a affidavit. Which I thought was very strange. I tried to ask the law firm why did this happen, he stated they did nothing wrong and this is the way the case sometimes go. He intentionally withheld crucial information regarding my case for 5 months. He is also in breach of contract and failure to disclose and negligence. | In section 3 CULIK LAW PC AGREEMENT States 🙁 I agree to provide legal services in connection with the above matter, to keep you fully informed of all significant developments.) I was never informed and I never authorized this case to be settled on 05/06/2013. Also I believe unfair and deceptive acts and practices occurred. It is also a violation of MA Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 3.07 for failure to keep a client reasonably informed by not informing me of any settlement offer as well as Rule 1.2(a) which holds even when a client delegates authority to an attorney the client should be kept informed of the status of the matter, which he failed to do.

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