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These people have no idea of professionalism or ethics

Culpepper Kurland is full of incompetent lawyers following the orders of a few foolish chimps. They only care about scamming the innocent customers and that’s it. All they are good for is calling you up and asking for a payment. When I had hired these people I was shocked to see these people’s incompetence.

I was against hiring these people in the beginning. But when I looked them up online I didn’t find anything negative about them. There were many positive reviews about these people. Now I am certain that most of them were fake.

I had hired these people for a car accident. Now, there isn’t much to discuss the lawsuit because these people never informed me about anything. They never took me in confidence and lost the case in the end. I ended up paying for all the damages to my car which could have been paid by my insurance company. They never let me meet the attorney for a long talk. I was never informed of any important decision and they always kept things hidden from me.

What kind of lawyers do that? These people lack communication skills. They don’t know how to tell their client anything. They think it’s in their best interest to keep their client in the dark. So when they lose the case, you don’t get to point out their errors. I was never informed of anything by these guys which are really frustrating for someone who might lose thousands of dollars.

I complained to these people about my case and the misbehavior of their attorneys. They simply told me that’s how they work. I not only lost the case but I also had to pay them for the numerous hours of work. And believe me, these guys charge a lot for a group of chumps. Even in the meetings, I could tell that they had given my case to a newbie. They don’t bother asking the client if he is comfortable with their approach.

If I had known about their incompetence and unprofessional behavior, I would have never contacted these guys. My suspicions were correct but it’s my fault that I didn’t consider them. These people specialize in accident cases and they know that at those times, the person is really desperate and vulnerable. They dupe such people and use them, just like they used me.

I never got a refund from these people. I not only paid $2000-something in the damages but I also paid these around $1500 for their work. This was the most useless expenditure I have ever made in my life.

My point is, if they can’t even fight a simple case of a car accident then how are they supposed to help you win anything else. The big guns of their law firms just live off the money they steal from others. And you’re just left to get sucked by these money-hungry monsters until you lose your every penny.

Take my advice and stay away from these guys.


  1. Josh Matthew June 7, 2019
  2. Charles Parker September 10, 2019

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