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Published: 10 December 2019

Posted by: Rightfully Angry

Dr. Sharif Lawendy is responsible for the neglect, abuse, and ultimate death of someone that we cared about deeply: Our beloved dog. He took her into his care promising everything we asked for when she had severe, life-threatening pneumonia. She was very weak at the time, and he promised to give her the care, time, oxygen, and other healing modalities that we discussed in person with our dog, who was in an extremely dangerous point in her life and needed urgent care. He comes to your home. He makes promises. When he leaves with your pet, you have now lost total control and you do not know where you pet is because he is a “mobile” Vet who will lie to the Client and refuse to cooperate or bother to follow basic communication and legal procedures once he has possession of your pet. He took our dog on March 8, 2017 and just 24 hours later, he was “screening” my urgent calls on March 9th and then again on March 10th. I was near a breakdown trying to get this wretched individual to answer my calls and emails demanding to see my dog and to get a Second Opinion and to have her records emailed [along with the x-ray taken] to another Doctor’s hospital who was awaiting these urgent records. No reply. No cooperation. This is unlawful behavior. He took my husband’s phone call because he did not recognize his business number. He promised my huband he would call me but waited 2 hours or so to bother to call me, and then denied me the ability to see my dog. He made, again, promises to “send the records” via email to the other Doctor for a second opinion before giving our dog a highly dangerous drug for an unrelated [and not yet fully diagnosed nor confirmed] condition that he believed our dog had. I kept urging him, both via email and whenever he casually decided to call me and tell me how “busy” he was and give excuses for his very strange and abusive behavior… I TOLD him outright… DO NOT give my dog this controversial compounded drug until I get the comfort of a Second Opinion! He agreed to allow a Second Opinion [as he had turned into a controlling madman now]. BUT he NEVER SENT THE RECORDS! He defied me and ignored a direct order. He gave her the controversial drug anyway, without my consent. Our dog got worse under his care. But he lied via phone about her condition telling us she was “better” but DENIED me the opportunity to see her because he was in his RV and “mobile” and “busy.” But placated me, and outright ignored my requests and then just lied to me. He then had our dog’s dying body dumped off at a hospital that did not know her on Monday, March 13th, 2017, when it was too late and he had “had his way” with both our dog and with us. When I frantically got to this hospital, I did not recognize my dog. She was a lump on the floor unable to lift her head. She clearly had been through too much. She died within hours of being dumped off, in the cold without her jacket nor her blanket that I was assured would be put to use given it was very cold outside. She was dumped off by his Assistant in the back of her SUV, with no blanket and no winter jacket. She had pneumonia. She was worse in his care, and not better. He lied to me. He neglected my dog and abused both her and me. This evil man should not be practicing any medicine. He got over his head, and then dumped her off when he knew he had failed and did not bother to call, or contact us to tell us DAYS EARLIER that she needed to be in a 24 hour facility. This is Misfeasance and Malpractice.

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