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I can’t recommend them to anyone.

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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Roxanne

First and foremost, Curly’s furniture doesn’t deserve any positive reviews, although their items are sleek and chic looking, their local and corporate customer services are of terribly low quality. A certain friend heard about them on social media hence wished to try them. Here are some of the facts supporting the same

He recently purchased living room furniture from Curly’s Furniture. He was there in person and when he got there the staff he met never greeted him, he perceived them to be rude, careless, and people who never bothered about him. The price for the pieces was actually too expensive for him but he had to purchase them since he really liked them and they matched the theme of his interior decor. The pieces arrived very late at his home and they were delivered by Jerry and Isaac. He humbly requested the guys to remove the old ones and bring in the new but surprisingly, they totally rejected his request. He noticed that one of the pieces had a small flaw before they left and requested them that they should order a replacement for the piece before leaving his driveway. They told him that they have already made an order of the replacement although it was never delivered till date since Blake refused to help in getting the replacement of the piece. He regretted why he even purchased the piece from them. Due to his irritating experience, he will never step a foot there since their services were of so low quality.

It was not the first time with them actually, when the services were still poor. He had another experience with those guys. But this time, he was serviced by John and Austin. Their service to him was terrible as well, they never answered the questions he asked, and when they did, they were not that confident while responding back to him. As per his expectations, he thought they will work together efficiently to help him pick up his products but it wasn’t the case, they were very rude and careless. They told him the products will be delivered to him the following day thus he had to leave for home and wait the following day to receive his products. John and Austin never kept him well informed of his delivery time. They never told him when they were almost near his home so that he could let his dogs out to prevent them from barking. They really came very late, not on time, not even courteous and totally unprofessional. There was a minor cosmetic issue that they informed him of on delivery and told him that they had already placed an order for the new part and they would have it in a few weeks’ time. Up to date they never came out to replace the broken piece. They were not friendly hence his experience with them was not good at all. You should know the reality of this place and now that you do, I hope you’ll make a better decision about the same.

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