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Their services are just of low quality.

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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Andres

It was on social media where I saw Currie’s Furniture advertising their products, which looked good anyway. At that time I was in need of a Broyhill sofa so, I decide to visit them and get it after I saw the ad on social media. After my horrible experience with those bastards, I was very disappointed with that local business. I purchased a Broyhill sofa that arrived early January last year at my place. I was very keen during delivery. I had to inspect it very carefully and noticed the stitching looked bad. I had to bring it to their attention that the stitching looked really bad. The delivery guy told me it wasn’t uncommon to see that and it should be fine, he again went a step ahead and made a note on my receipt in case there were future problems on the same. I actually regretted that I could have known this thing before. I should have sent it back right then and there with immediate effect since It has been a little over a year now and the fabric has pilled terribly. I made an effort of calling them, the guy who picked up my call sounded really rude while he was responding to me after I explained to him about all the issue, he finally told me to get a fabric shaver. Indeed it was a good thing that I shaved my couch let me tell you, the material that was used had actually ripped in a number of places. I was totally upset, not to mention the chaise part was caving in because it wasn’t even comfortable at all. I couldn’t afford to remain silent, for that matter I contacted Currie\’s once again if I could be assisted in one way or the other and unfortunately, I was told it was past the one year mark and they actually referred me to a local upholstery shop. I never gave up so, I contacted Broyhill who then told me that they only give a two-year warranty from when the item was purchased and while they acknowledge there is a problem, they can’t help me. That was because I was outside of the warranty so they told me that they could not fix it. To be honest, I had not even had that sofa for two years. No one wanted to resolve my problem when I actually requested them to at least assist me, it was indeed a bad and more so a sad experience that I had never expected from them prior doing business with them. I learned a lesson the hard way and for sure I will never support nor entertain a business that clearly doesn\’t care about its customers once they have their money. I really encourage other shoppers to take this into consideration as well so as you may not experience the same, kindly note this I don’t recommend them completely. Be warned of these people, they are not good at all.

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