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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I contacted CustomGraphiko via email Monday, August 4, 2014 inquiring about pricing for an Instagram Ad. Tuesday, August 5, 2014 I completed the online form for an Instagram Ad. I then submitted a separate email Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at approximately 10:17 A.M. indicating I could not upload my images to be used on the ad, but instead was including them in the email. I then remitted a payment of $35 dollars. According to whomever I spoke with via email on Monday, August 5th, there would be a 48hr. turnaround for Instagram Ads. Thursday, August 7th, at 5:27P.M., I submitted an email inquiring about the progress of the Ad. No response was received or given. Friday, August 8th, I posted a comment on Instagram and tagged CustomGraphiko asking them to check their email. Again, no response was received or given. Saturday, August 9th, I awoke to NO AD, NO EMAILS, NO PHONE CALLS, NO RESPONSE from CustomGraphiko. I decided to actually call in hopes of speaking with someone who could assist me. At 9:36 A.M. I spoke with a woman, (did not catch her name), asked about the status of my order and gave her my business name. She stated that I had an Instagram Ad and surprisingly questioned “You didn’t receive it yet?” I informed her I had not received my ad and she told me she would begin working on it, and to give her 30 mins. I abliged. 3 hrs. later, I had not heard anything back from Custom Graphiko and decided to check their Instagram page @customgraphiko to see if they had made any posts. Much to my surprise, there was an Instagram Ad created for my event, that didn’t have any of the images I had sent, nor did it tag my company. Very put aback by this, I immediately called and the phone was answered again by the same woman. I informed her my Ad was not created to my specifications and she indicated it was due to the fact that they “never received my email with the images.” She alleged that she emailed me twice on the 10th of August and I had not responded, therefore she created a “mock” template in the meantime. I told her I would check my email as well as my junk folder and call her back. I went to both my inbox and junk folder, and there were no emails sent. I called her again, and informed her of that. She claimed that several other people had commented that they had not received “emails” from CustomGraphiko either but “they found theirs.” She then proceeded to tell me they were closed for the rest of the day and she would have to figure out what was going on. She also told me to resend the emails with the images. I hung up with her, went back thru my inbox and junk folder again to make sure I hadn’t overlooked anything, resent the emails she requested, and called back. No answer. I saw where Custom Graphiko was still posting on Instagram after “business hours” and left a comment that I had tried calling and emailing and someone’s response to me on Instagram was they were closed for the rest of the day. This is totally unacceptable! CustomGraphiko, did not fulfill their obligations to create an Instagram Ad in the 48hrs. they quoted me, did not call to inform me of any delays, provided lackluster responses to my issue and then left business unfinished. All the while I’m still waiting on a completed project. I will not be using the “mock” Ad that they created as it was not created to my specification and would like a full refund. Custom Graphiko responded today (2 days later) they would not be issuing a refund, there was an error with their email, and they may or may not call you back. As of now, my Instagram Ad has not been created. Custom Graphiko has no regards for paying customers and you are at their mercy until they decide to begin working, despite a promised completion date. Save yourself the headache and avoid Custom Graphiko at all costs .

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