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Published: 02 February 2018

Posted by: Peckk

Contacted breeder Emanuell Norman regarding bulldog puppy “Jenna ” was very prompt with information, sent pictures and videos. Insisted I could only pick puppy up on Sunday, confirmed the address and proceeded to drive two hours away. 15 minutes away I emailed to let him know we were near and he said that his daughter was ill and he was on his way to bring her to NY. Fishy… No contact till later that night when I demanded an update. He said she had DIED! Yes died. I was horrified. Did I mention I had wired him a 400.00 deposit. Two close friends did not buy the story and contacted him about the same puppy. He tried to hard sell them into giving him money and even sent the same pictures. The address. In question is on the market, obviously not the house in the videos. This was a total scam. One of my friends asked to call him and he said he lost his hearing in Vientam. Really???? I’ve reported this to the FBI because it’s wire fraud, I’m. It done yet. Please be careful of these people, they play on your emotions. And to say your child died as part of the scam, there’s a special place in hell…

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