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Published: 14 July 2017

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After a year of updating or home, we called Cutting Edge Granite to install two small pieces of granite…one by the pool, another in the laundry room. The companysaid they would disconnect the old sink in the laundry room but would not reconnect it. We understood we would need a plumber to reconnect. They installed the two small granite counter tops and new laundry room sink and left.10 days later we began seeing wet spots throughout the house. The granite installers had disconnected the main water pipe to the sink without noticing that the water softner back wash was connected to it. For 10 days 75 gallons of water flowed through the house everyday destroying the wooden floors throughout the house, causing mildew and mold in the walls, floors and under the floor, baseboards and cabinets. When we discovered the damage, we were horrified. Cutting Edge Granite owner Chris Sorensen came to the house. He was upset and assured us he would take care of everyhing. Our house had been destroyed. We immediately called in a remediation company that set up fans and began clean up. After one week of trying to dry out the house, they reported and showed us mold and mildew throughout. They advised that we not stay in the house but start cleaning it out immediately so the mold would not spread further. Sorensen assurred us that he would take care of everything. “I am a man of my word,” he repeated over and over telling us to work with his insurance company to get all the work done. He would not pay us up front he said, but he was such a big customer, the insurance company would pay for everything. We should not worry about anything. In fact he told us to “inflate the bills because he pays such big premiums I told him we would not inflate any bills but we were expecting him to take care of everything. He assured us he would. The floors throughout he house had to be torn out.That left us with concrete floors and a mess. All furniture had to be moved to the garage or one bedroom that we tried to stay in at night. Because the furniture was piled high, the refrigerator and dishwash had to be moved out of the kitchen, we had no place to sit or way to eat meals. The mold was extensive. Finally we had to move to a hotel. Our lives were turned upside down. The bills for the repairs were piling up. Three months later Chris Sorensen is nowhere to be found. We finally settled with the insurance company because we had no choice. We had laid out $73,000.00. the insurance company would only pay $65,000..00 We got stuck for $8,000. It was too liittle to sue Sorensen over and he never returned a call, text or message. Of course, he should have paid all the bills and then he should have fought with his insurance company. He would not. Not only is he not a man of his word, he is not a “man.” Any individual or company can make a mistake. The trick to staying in business is taking care of problems even when they cost money. Sorensen has no idea what that means. He told a friend, he will do $40 million this year. He would not pay a senior citizen couple the $8,000 it would have cost to ake us whole. This is an example of the tuype of business no one should ever do business with.

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