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Published: 11 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company evidently lives to rip its customers off and ruin their credit! I purchased a Toyota Tundra from these guys back in April. I have been making weekly $100 payments to them every week with no issues. for many months. After starting a new job, I notified “BJ” that I will be a week late and will make a payment the following Monday. “BJ” agreed to this and said it was no problem. However, they repossessed my truck early the same day (Monday) they said I could make the payment before I could ever cash my check. The repo men even told me they absolutely hate doing their repos, and in their own words, “CVC Auto Sales are crooks”! What does that say about a company when the repo men even don’t like doing business with them? This company also never reported all my payments to the credit bureau. However, you can believe when they stole the truck back that they reported the reposition and tacked on approx $10,000 dollars to the balance even though I bought the truck for less. I believe you can buy cars from honest companies that do the buy here pay here option but this is not one of them! If you want to avoid having your credit ruined, vehicle repossessed over $100 which was one week late, and all of your investment stolen, then believe me and stay clear of CVC Auto Sales located in Albertville, AL.

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