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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The guy will keep your money unless you watch him close – opportunist – if he can he will take your money or not pay you. Did not reimburse monies amounting to $2,000, did not reimburse $500 for car rental to get me home as promised after 2 week notice and returning the truck to Champaign Il. I had picked the truck up 30 miles from my home. | Was involved in a non chargeable accident, he demanded I pay every penny out of pocket though I work for wages. Another time I had to hit the brakes hard for night time slowdown – load slid forward, I rented a pallet jack and moved skids to the rear of the truck – no extra pay. Several skids broke as they collided in the front of the truck. I did not load nor was I able to observe truck being loaded. He expected me to pay for the pallets though I work for wages. | Throughout the 17 months I worked for him there were several times he didn’t keep his promises; he stated at 2 months I would get a nickel raise. At two months I asked, he put me off for three weeks until I brought a come to Jesus meeting to him and threatened to quit, he agreed to give me the raise but not back pay it to 2 months. | After more arguing and threatening to quit he did what he said he would do. I’ll give him that. He promised Health Insurance after 3 months. At 3 months I started asking about health insurance and he kept putting me off. I brought another come to jesus meeting to him and after threatening to quit and raising heck with him he gave me another nickel to cover health insurance. | Once I looked into it the cheapest health insurance I found had me paying out $18,000 before the insurance paid a dime. That figure would equal one year of premiums and an $8,000 deductable. If I wanted health insurance I would have to get it on my own – he would not be involved in it at all. | He prefers to use your money to pay for lumpers and repairs and I must admit as long as he repaid me within minutes to my bank account I was fine with it.– I was ok with this since he would reimburse me within minutes for it. After a while he began putting me off a couple hours or so, then for a day or so. We had another come to jesus meeting where I informed him if you want to do this you need to reimburse me ASAP. He started reimbursing ASAP again. | In my observation of working for him he is an opportunist, if he could find a way to short you – he would… Unless you raised heck with him and threatened to quit. | In one aspect I was lucky, he tried to make me sign a contract where among other outrageous demands if I failed a DOT inspection he would charge me $1,000. Log violations same price and the list went on. I pointed out the contract verbiage was for O/O. He agreed to revise it but never had me sign a contract. | If you do not give a two week notice he keeps your last paycheck, it goes on. For a guy that pays on a 1099 he sure expects you to pay for his equipment. | Never sign a contract with this guy. He’s Moldavian and I’m all for immigration but I have had only one problem with it. When you’re tired of the crap in your birth county and you want a go in the US – good for you! But don’t act the same way you did in your birth country here. Life is tough in many countries and I can understand why he kept saying he needed to protect himself. He’s had to, but that is the plate he serves up.

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