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Published: 06 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

For anyone reading this and your expertise is anything related to IT or work in an environment that may have involved a task or application that uses acronyms then you have to avoid this CV makeover service. | If you want a professional CV designed for any industry then side step this service from CVNow. | In fact, steer clear at all costs and I will explain exactly why. | This company is really bad at producing CV’s and I shall summarise (or as CVNow would say, summarize but more about this later). | I paid, or should I say lost, £175 of my hard earned money by trusting this shambles to create a decent CV. I didn’t expect miracles, but I did hope for a half decent CV that I could customise for various job opportunities. | They do absolutely no research themselves if you use an acronym. Let’s face it, they are in everyday life and have been for ages. Let’s explore some examples: BBC, RAC, AA and UHT. | Oh, hang on I forgot to mention the acronym CV. My mistake! | Any competent CV creator would at least use Google or a similar online tool to make an informed choice that is in context with your CV aka Curriculum Vitae. | Sadly not, when it is devised by CVNow. | The CV layout in Word format is unbelievably poor. If you have the pleasure of your CV being presented in a boxed format you will note that the lines are dreadfully out of alignment. | Also, you will find that some of the text extends beyond the boundaries of these borders. | The use of different fonts is generally a no-go in most professional presentations and publications let alone a CV. I’m quite surprised that Comic Sans was not included in mine! | CVNow is either based in the USA or they do not know how to set the spell check to suit the UK market that they apparently specialise in. | I wouldn’t dream of sending a Curriculum Vitae prepared by CVNow to a prospective employer before spending considerable time making sure that: | The alignment is accurate and the grammar is correct. | For example, there has never been a comma before the word and, and the acronyms should have been researched, and used in context as part of the Executive Summarization. | Now, re-read the previous sentence and you will see that it is grammatically incorrect and not to UK spelling standards, therefore it is totally unprofessional and unusable if you wish to be taken seriously in a highly competitive job market. | The present and the past tense are not normally used in the same sentence. This I found quite amusing as I was not too sure if I was still there, had been there or was going somewhere with my previous experience. | They do not do refunds either (LOL). | I enquired about the very useful facility of getting my money returned and have been assured that due to my personal timeframe this fantastic opportunity had expired! | So in order to summarise. | There are plenty of free CV formats available on the Internet that you can utilise and obviously you know best about your experience, attributes and suitability for the position that you are applying for. | I wouldnt personally leave my future career prospects in the hands of an incompetent bunch of idiots. | Footnote: Further research has suggested that this mess of a service is based in the USA by the name of Talent Inc.

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