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Published: 01 February 2018

Posted by: Micheal denias

Cw Enerji. Produces poor quality panels. The watt information is wrong.. Actually Normal solar panel features : The industry standard against which all PV modules are rated and can be compared is called Standard Test Conditions (STC). STC is a defined set of laboratory test conditions which approximate conditions under which solar panels, or PV modules, might be used. Although there are other standards that offer better real-world approximations, STC offers the most universal standard. The same standard is also used to evaluate potential installation locations, since it is the basis for values. STC includes three factors: Irradiance (sunlight intensity or power), in Watts per square meter falling on a flat surface. The measurement standard is 1 kW per sq. m. (1, 000 Watts/m2) Air Mass refers to “thickness” and clarity of the air through which the sunlight passes to reach the modules (sun angle affects this value). The standard is 1.5. Cell temperature, which will differ from ambient air temperature. STC defines cell testing temperature as 25 degrees C.

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