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C&W Sons Enterprises, Inc.

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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a truck driver looking for work. I answer an add for an end dump driver position. When i call the add, the fellow sounds up beat and real. Normally, when you answer such an add, you go in for a test drive to prove you can drive a big rig. ( normally takes about a 1/2 hour ) This guy tells me they call it an audition, and if i would come in for the day he would pay me for it. There was no mention of that being contingent on whether or not i took the job. After arriving at his location (yard), The first thing i see is a small line of wrecking yard condition and at best farming truck condition rigs and trailers. I was willing to see the day through so i stick around. After all i will get paid for it, and i did get up at 3:30 am to get there on time. As soon as i started to inspect the equipment and to listen to other employees, I knew this was not going to be the job for me. However, i thought maybe it will get better, after all i did make the trip. As i live 40 minutes away. I could go on about the work they were having me do, which involved little driving. Instead being on a demolition site breathing asbestos and ancient dust of an intercity abandoned warehouse. No (PPE) personal protentive equipment was provided. So i spent the majority of the day spraying water on the pile of rubish in the 100+ degree weather. Not something anyone would do for free let alone someone who drives truck for a living. I should have walked away. But i could use the money. That evening i called him and told him i was not interested in the job. He asked why, trying not to be rude, I just said the a/c in the truck didn’t work. Which it didn’t along with alot of other things. He gave me the “More power “to you comment. The following day or two i e-mailed him and told him where he could mail my paycheck. I still have a copy of the e-mail. Later that day he called me and says we have a misunderstanding, i had to take the job to get paid. That that was what he told me for me to get paid, who would agree to that! He said if i wanted too, i was welcome to call the department of labor, And he had the phone number handy if i would like it huh! After listening to that crap for a minute or two i hung up (before i said something really not nice ). I wonder how many people he has scammed that way. I am working with the department of labor on this. But if you do buissnes with this company or its owner, Or any of his family i am sure you can expect to get ripped off. You can bet he’s living higher for it. Please remeber truck drivers get more than minmum wage. This guys got a driver that has been there 3 years for 14.00 hr has never seen a raise. The driver must be scared to change direction. I feel sorry for him.

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