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Published: 10 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a small Marine Services company and needed to set up a wholesale account in order to be able to increase my profit margins on various services we offer. I contacted CWR Electronics and completed their new dealer application, provided them with all of my business details and was promptly approved. Approximately three years later, I moved my business from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX. Around Christmas of 2012 I received a phone call from CWR Electronics Customer Service telling me that they had sent me a Christmas Card and that it had been returned. I shared with them that I had moved the business to Texas and provided them with the new address. The lady then became VERY rude and gave me a list of new documents that they would require from the State of Texas. I shared with her that since I didn’t resell any of the products that I purchased from them, I had never applied for a tax reseller permit in Tx. All of the products that I order were components used in individual projects. Again, RUDE and she informed me that I STILL needed one. I went to the Texas State Comptrollers Office web site that day and applied for a Texas Resellers Tax Account and in an hour had an account number. So I emailed that to CWR Electronics assuming that would be sufficient. Boy did I have a RUDE awakening…. Debbie in their Accounts Receivable/Credit Department informed me that she needed the ACTUAL Certificate issued by Texas. Additionally, she added that if they didn’t have it by the 7th of January, tehy would close my account (which had been in good standing for almost 5 years at this point) Mind you this is 7 days before Christmas. So I contacted the Comptrollers Office and they emailed me a signed letter of Good Standing to provide CWR Electronics. AGAIN this was unacceptable to Debbie. So I responded to her email with a Voice Mail appealing for a little bit of time as the State Offices essentially shut down during the holidays. Her response to me was that SHE didn’t know of ANY State that “”Shut Down”” ever. Again I contacted the Comptrollers Office and actually had them MANUALLY PRINT the Certificate, Scan it to a PDF file and email it to me. I then sent this to Debbie at CWR Electronics. I followed up my email with a phone call and asked her to PLEASE reactivate my account, as I had a project over the holidays (and everyone knows how valuable ANY WORK over the holidays can be. She told me that she would review my account and that it should be available by the end of the day. Two weeks later, it was still not available. So I called looking for the Owner or the General Manager to discuss the concept of “”I’m the Customer””. Instead I received a call from Debbie telling me that I wasn’t “”Doing myself any favors”” by calling and trying to “”Go around her”” and that everyone at the company knew the “”Status”” of my account?????? WTF does THAT mean??? At that point I used a less than appropriate expletive; giving her very specific directions about what she should do to herself and how exactly to do that. I then said CLOSE MY $%^ account. At this point I wouldn’t piss on CWR Electronics if it were on fire. They seem to be confused as to whom it is that pays their salaries. Save yourself the aggrevation, time and product delays and go elsewhere for your products.

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