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The place was very unhygienic and not at all clean.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The studio of Cyclebar is not at all clean and it does not even provide great amenities like the other few wheelhouses. I have been going to Cyclebar for a couple of months now and have taken classes from a variety of instructors, none of them proved to be worthy of their job. The instructors were full of attitude and didn’t have any idea about perfect pedaling. They were quite rude and their arrogance was through the roof. None of the instructors has energy. Don’t even get me started on the kind of music they play, it is just pathetic. They make the class boring instead and most of the people don’t like any instructors out there. He made sure to mock us every time we took couldn’t handle their workouts and demotivate us by saying “none of you is strong, you guys are fucking weak”.
The place is also not up to the mark and all the equipment is outdated. I filed a complaint to the head office regarding the replacement of this old equipment with the new ones, but my complaint went unnoticed by the head office. The air conditioner was not working and one could not at all workout during summers because of excess heat. I couldn’t stop myself from sweating, it was so hot in there! At the beginning the management provided a trip every month but even after four months not even a single trip outside our locality was provided to us. The interest which I had regarding cycling was nearly put down by them and I made it sure that I would leave this horrible place as soon as the month got over. During my stay in Cyclebar I witnessed a young man fracture his leg during the spin classes, he was not even wearing a helmet, and I don’t think that they helped him in any sense as well. None of us was instructed to wear a helmet, which made us more prone to injuries. This shows that the instructors were not experienced at all. They did not even care a bit about their customers.
I would warn you not to enter the spin classes as they are wildly down the beat with a horrible variety of sprints and choreography. I never left a lesson dripping with sweat and failing each and every time I do it. Their classes are definitely not worth the fee, they never teach the right way to balance according to our weight. The employees don’t even care about their customers and all they want to do is make sure that they mock us every time we fail. Currently, I registered myself in another wheelhouse which is far better than Cyclebar. Here I came to know that balancing is very easy and it just took me a couple of days doing the same, whereas in Cyclebar I didn’t even learn how to balance a cycle properly. I would suggest every customer stay away from fraud cycling centres which have such poor management and worst working staff faculty.

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