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One of the customers claims that the staff of D & D was unprofessional.

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Published: 07 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

D & D Mattress is currently operating in the US. After a tiring day, you would want your bed to be comfy so that you can have a good sleep. As customers always look for the quality product so they expect the manufacturers to meet their expectations, but D & D Mattress hasn’t met the customer expectations at all and so customers have rated them poor. I did some digging and according to customer reviews websites such as pissed consumer, they have rated D & D Mattress 2 stars out of 5. They have rated their Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy 1 star out of 5, have rated price affordability 3 stars out of 5 and their customer service 1 star only. The website also says that they have almost lost $1.4K due to bad customer service. Customer should be always your priority and you should not compromise on quality but D & D Mattress hasn’t been able to do so. Customers are unhappy about their services and want them to improve it in the future.
I had bought D & D Mattress and sleeping on the mattress felt like a hammock. And when I went to the store to complain to the store manager, he said that they are not responsible as they only sell the mattress and it’s not their responsibility to make this mattress good for me or to replace it. I wanted to claim the warranty of the product but the only thing I got from the store manager was an utter disappointment.
D & D Mattress has not able to meet customer demand and expectations. One of the customers bought a new mattress and he was told that the mattress would be delivered by tomorrow morning, D & D mattress didn’t deliver the product in the time and when customer ask them for it the store manager was not willing to work with him and the customer was told that your mattress has to be reordered again as it was out of stock. D & D mattress didn’t meet the customer expectations as the customer is now asking for the refund due to the dissatisfaction.
Apart from delivering better customer service D & D mattress have also lacked in delivering the right product at the right time. One of the customers who purchased a mattress has bad experience regarding D & D mattress, customers claim everything was up and up until they receive the mattress from them. They got a wrong product, a different mattress of what they have chosen. The matter was dealt unprofessionally by D & D staff when the customer called them he got a lot of wrong info about the order. The company claims that employee who was looking on to matter was inexperienced and she was new, as she had no idea how to handle these types of situations.
As the lady whom she was dealing with has a very bad attitude and the mattresses at D & D were overpriced. She got a mattress from a different store for almost $2000 less.

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