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D & D Transportation Services Inc. is built on lies: quit no

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Published: 09 August 2017

Posted by: Robert C. Burr

I worked with D & D Transportation Services Inc. for 9 years. And I’ve known for a while now I would be where I am today. These people withhold checks all the time, and they lie to their employees, all the while selling themselves as responsible and dependable. I used to be the person who tried to help others who had retired from the place get what was due to them. I was the middle man a lot, and I tried to get them the 401k check whenever it was involved. I tried to give people answers when they didn’t know where to get their money from. Today, I have retired from this company and I have no idea when they will give me the money that is due to me. Whenever I ask them, they ask me if all that they’ve done for me isn’t enough. They tell me their hands are tied in the matter and that they can’t help me.
When I retired, they made it look like I was fired, on 9/20/13. In April, I asked for my 401k money in a lump sum. They said they would give it to me at the end of the year, May 31st. So I waited. By July beginning, I had got nothing. I got in touch with Jennifer Kuntz and she told me I could expect a check by the next month. When I called back then, Professional Benefit Services told me that they were evaluating the plan. Jeff Brown told me it would be September before the new plans were in place. I contacted him late December, and he said he was done and it had been sent to Kuntz, who’s supposed to approve the payments. Suddenly, this lady decides she doesn’t want to approve them. Instead, she asks me why I’m not getting a job. She asks me to talk to Brown again. He was supposed to give me a call back, only, I never got it.
I’ve had enough of these two people and Calvin Kuntz playing with me. They all want to just show up each other. He says he is broke, but buying ten million dollar summer homes. He lies to his managers as well, and tells them he splits 15% of his profits with his employees. These are all lies. D & D is made of lies. I am SO glad I quit this place.

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