D Hills Remodel and Repair

D Hills Remodel and Repair

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We contacted this company owner Oswaldo Gill on thumbtack earlier 2016. We recently hired him for a full renovation project in Dallas he gave a bid of $58,764 this bid was contracted for labor & materials etc. Since we are investors we were paying him in draw phases weekly as & he would received the final draw 10-20 percent upon completion. We’d never been given any reason to think that he was a dishonest person. We stuck to our contract drawing him as promised. Also in between those draws we would cut back savings and also purchase bigger things off the bid in efforts to find deals and keep them working while we shopped. | After we’d drawn him around 30k three weeks out we’d begin to notice that he was running out of funds rather quickly & we weren’t seeing exactly where it was going. He kept giving excuses it was going to permits etc. but that wasn’t adding up especially because his contract stated that as contractor he’s suppose to furnish the permits of his work himself. | So with that being said we started to make more purchases ourself and bringing him the materials he claimed he needed but once we’d do it he had another reason wanting money. The last draw he claimed he’d run out of funds(just giving him $9800 a week n half prior with no progress. He stated via text that he needed $5k to get all the tile & materials to start tiling that week. We’ll we’d been asking for his numbers and documents of spending for a week so far & we even sent him our numbers to look over before we were going to cut anymore funds to make sure things were on track and going where they should. He confirmed via text he looked over it and they were good so we drew him 5k. That ran out in the matter of days. After that and a conversation via phone about the funds and where they were going we knew he was lying & decided to buy everything needed. Out of our pocket in addition to the 36k we’d given him we’d spent 40k plus buying materials and merchandise. Much more over the bid amount because he was not using the funds to buy things off the bid that so we had to. His last remaining funds would be 10% upon completion that paid him for his final labor. He got upset that we weren’t putting the funds in his hand & ran off with the funds not finishing anything. We had to hire someone to come in to finish what he left and it’s costing 14k more when we have already spent 70k plus. Some things that he even started have to be undone because they were incorrect or sloppy. He’s dodged calls, text, emails and even stated it’s harassment us asking him to finish what we have paid him for. | This man is a absolute fraud he will have you fooled because he comes off as professional and honest until you’re on to him and start asking him questions that’s when he gets defensive like you have no right to and starts to dodge you. Also he stole merchandise we paid for(receipted) & lying to police saying it was his. It’s considered stolen because he did not pay for it and also in his contact it states he would not remove of any property from home purchased by the owner at any point. Oswaldo is a complete liar & fraud there’s no way he spent all the funds we’ve paid him on our project & the proper way. We’re very sure he’s pocketed money & over paid his guys in labor because we had professionals come in that have seen the property before & after that state it’s only about 5-10 percent done. He gives excuse after excuse never gave his receipts & he doesn’t stick to the bids. We’ve given him the opportunity to right his wrongs and finish but he chose not to be professional therefor leaving no choice but to seek legal actions with our attorney.

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