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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am so angry with this man DENO DWAYNE MONIA ,he is a total fraud.He has put my name on several businesses in Fresno CA @ 3251 E.Ventura ave., 93702,known as DM Furniture Import & ONG ENTERPRISE and its aa all a scam dont buy anything there especially dont use the Flexpay program he claims to have, its only a way to get your bank & personal information. He bounces payroll checks all over Fresno County. I hope that someone will turn him in to the Fresno DA office for check fraud. I thought he was just a smart business man but he is really a person who takes advantage of the asians & the mexican people, he says they are stupid but he scared of black people because the will get him. He even possibly took $10,000 dollars from one of the ex-employees and now she has filed a claim that she was sexually harrased by Dwayne,strong armed by his mother & was fired only after I confronted her about calling him at 4am in the morning on the day before our wedding. Another employee came to me & was very upset about being touched by his mother on her breast as she pulled her clothes in front of other male employees judging what she was wearing, displaying her breast area to them. He has gambled away most all of my savings & paychecks, often angers employess & their families after bounces checks thru their accounts leaving them to have to payback the bank. There is so much more to tell but I am going to just get out of the marriage while i can & take my children with me in June. He is still on parole but is doing things that he is not suppose to. I really hope he get caught, I feel bad for everyone that he has taken advantage of over the years. STAY AWAY FROM DENO/DINO DWAYNE MONIA and his mother ANITA/JUANITA MONIA they are in this together to get you! .

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