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Worst experience ever

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve been to D-Pat many times now, and every time it’s been a bad experience. My family owns just one car, and it’s the one I use to do everything, so being without it is really inconvenient for us. Still, sometimes there’s no option, like a few months ago, when the car wouldn’t start, I took it with Pat, and they said it would take them a week only to check what was wrong. In the end, I spent 3 weeks without my car, and the worst part is they refused to send me a loaner; apparently, I wasn’t important enough for them to lend me a car. Now we get to last month, I had my car washed by some people who didn’t know the first thing about cars and ended up breaking the copilot seat door and mirror. I wanted to take it to a different place but didn’t really have that much time to spare, it had to be D-Pat. Again, they took a week to check the state of the car and give an estimated. This time the price was stupidly high, so I decided I would try to check with some other dealer and maybe have my car fixed for less, I tell them I will go pick up my car as it is, nothing needs to be done since I won’t be paying them. By the time I got there, my car was completely done, they even did the paint job, everything in just a couple hours even though they had previously spent 2 weeks with a smaller repair. Keep in mind, this was all done after I clearly stated I wouldn’t be paying them, so they didn’t have to repair anything. They still did and had the face to charge me even for the painting and vacuuming (things I never even requested in the first place), but they had already done those things, so I was forced to pay them.
Of course, I decided I would never go with them again, even if that meant going to the opposite corner of the city.
Also, I’m aware that every time they receive a bad comment, they try to contact you, so you actually change it. This is a pretty low practice, offering a good service only when someone has gone as far as to post a bad review is dishonest, to say the least. So if you’re reading this GM, hi! Remember that time I asked you to remove the new lights you installed off my car because I simply never asked for them? And remember how you wouldn’t take them off, forcing me to pay more than $500 for nothing?
Well, I certainly do, so don’t you think this review is changing anytime soon, and don’t expect to have me as another of your unaware victims, I’m letting all of my friends and family know just how low you people are, and how you look for every excuse to take our money, well I’m cutting your source on my end.

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