D.R. Horton

D.R. Horton

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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We purchased our brand new home in 2013 and were excited about moving into a brand new home. Little did we know that DR HORTON would make that experience so terrible we regret the purchase to this day. Way too many problems with the home to list here, just a sample. Air conditioner not working, furnace broke down, windows & framing warped, landscaping completely ruined. | After many calls to the Customer Service Manager Matt Lloyd & his crony Customer Service Supervisor Joseph Kruckenberg we were left with many excuses and no resolutions to the problems that still exist. Specifically our landscaping issue that results in so much water settling in our backyard that it’s like a swamp. Because of this the 16 trees we planted upon moving in died within a year. | These 2 reps have come out and mainly provided excuses as to why it’s not their fault. The most outlandish reason they claim was the water issue was due to our 2 small dogs urinating. Please be forewarned do not purchase a home from DR HORTON and if you do at all costs try not to deal with Matt Lloyd or Joe Kruckenberg as they will lie to you and stall until you either give up or resort to legal action which is where we are at this point. | Incidentally we are joining in with 4 of our neighbors (so far) in having an attorney begin our path to resolution.

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