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No sympathy and no service

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

How is it possible that a hospital can fail so badly? We took a stray, pregnant, German shepherd to Dale City Animal Hospital last week. I walked in – more liked buzzed in the front doors as they were locked. The employees did not even bother to help me. They wasted some time in opening the doors. When I entered it was very cold inside and I\’m not discussing the AC only. No welcome, no smile, nothing truly. They kept me waiting in the waiting area for long hours, I filled the form; they took my dog to the back. Not requesting much but rather is it wrong to smile each once in for a moment or put a little kick in your voice. The stray dog had trouble in birthing her young puppies was excessively bleeding, and had a fever of 103.7 degrees. We tried to take help for this beautiful dog that was lost and in a terrible situation. We called a few times ahead of time and were told they would think about her if we were willing to surrender her, whom we were willing to do given she was a dog that was found on the side of the road. I got in touch with Dr Terri Davis. He seemed to be cold and distant. If that was not enough, he was an incompetent professional and declared that she was fine and he wasn’t even certain she was pregnant, without giving her an intensive test, and said that if she was left she would be given up to the creature control (rather than being dealt with). This was a complete failure on their part and the people working there had to be taught and retrained. I pleaded to him as the dog’s condition was getting worse. She was a bit dehydrated so the vet came in and decided to give her some anti-nausea medicine and IV liquids for her lack of hydration. Apart from that, they did nothing. Be cautioned this hospital is very costly. Aggregate for her treatment was $320 which leads me to recommend purchasing pet insurance. Vet Terri insisted me to take her home, so she was brought home, where she later delivered her stillborn young doggie. The young doggie was alive and moving in the belly prior – maybe if these people had one ounce of respectability and demonstrable skill the little dog would have survived. They gave her very strong doses of medicine which led to this situation. Where is the sympathy? Where is the service? For what reason are individuals with such an absence of aptitude allowed to work at an area where these abilities are so crucial in helping individuals and their creatures in a period of crisis? Not to forget their client administration is so poor. They are monsters, because of them an innocent soul had to suffer, never bring any stray pet or your loveable pets to this hospital.

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