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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

As with the other reports, we were led to believe they could get us out of debt using our current income. At first, things were goinf as expected. We were counseled by coaches via phone on a weekly basis on techniques to help get our finances on track. The assumption was that they would stick with us until we were debt free. Then the wheels fell off of their program. The coaches stopped calling. We called them to find out why.We were told they weren’t getting paid. No pay, no coaching. Integrity Life Skills essentially folded-up. Their web site is gone. The phone is not answered. We paid them over $12K using an array of credit cards, ironically the very things that continue to have a choke hold on our situation still today. We still have an imitation leather binder (with logo) and a few brochures they sent. Rather expensive momentos from a desperate moment in time, not that things are much better now. A search led us to this forum. Surprisingly there were only 3 other reports prior to this. Maybe everyone else got out of debt as was promised. .

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