Dan Renaud

Dan Renaud

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Published: 19 January 2021

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To work with those struggling with addiction issues is one of my deepest passions. Addiction is an insidious and complex bio-psycho-social disease that can be a mind-boggling challenge. I believe it requires many avenues of help, most importantly a non-judgmental and compassionate counselor. I approach every client with a person-centered perspective and according to their individual needs. I seek to meet clients where they uniquely reside on the developmental/change continuum.The feedback I often receive is that I am insightful and nonjudgemental with just the right amount of push when necessary. I have a deep belief that wounds can heal and that with the right amount of support we can shift old patterns.My professional journey has always been personal. The therapeutic relationship, however clinical has always been of the heart. My practice has evolved into a safe place to learn, heal and recover from devastating effects of addiction.

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