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Dan Tuttle

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Published: 13 February 2021

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I work with people to help them reach their full potential. My job is to help remove those barriers keeping you from becoming who you really are. That might simply be a change in your life you are having trouble making. Or that may be a mental health or physical issue you have. Because I’m both a psychotherapist AND Chiropractic Physician, I can address the physical components of things that are keeping you from being who you want to be too. Often the physical problems have psychological components and the psychological problems have physical components.I use Neurofeedback to identify dysfunction in the brain and then “retrain” the brain to work better. I’ve conducted the first randomized controlled study on chiropractic, brain function and behavior showing sometimes things I do as a chiropractor may affect your mental health. I use EMDR for people with trauma.Finding the right therapist can seem like a challenge. As both a psychotherapist and a Chiropractic Physician I have lots of tools in my toolbox. Whether it’s simply psychotherapy or any of my other therapies, I’m here to help you in any way I can.

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