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Published: 02 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dana Sharp sold a baby carrier. It didn’t end up being what we really wanted, and we bought a different one through the actual company(at the actual price as well instead of inflated) I listed the other one at a lower price(more accurate) on the same board. Dana was obviously still attached to the carrier in some way because she sent me a message saying she saw my listing, and asked if I could remove it and use my own photo(it was a photo of a carrier….no people, no furniture, no names, no anything connecting it to anyone or anything.) I thought it was a silly request, but I did respond saying I would retake pics as soon as I brought it in the house and charged the camera enough to take some. I also told her we were able to find one in a color scheme we liked better and I had just listed it with what I had on my computer. She responded asking me to state that the pics weren’t taken by me and weren’t current(it had been a month and a half since we received the carrier, and it had been used 1 time so they were actually current.) My final response was that I had already posted exactly that, before she even requested it. At this point, any sane human being would think things were fine. I listed on a picture that wasn’t linked to her in anyway that current pics would be up after my phone had some juice and the kids were fed. It wasn’t enough for Dana Sharp though. She had to go crazy pshyco lady about it. She posted herself on the post stating that the picture of the carrier was her picture, and she had demanded I take it down and I refused. She was essentially trying to ruin my reputation(I had quite a bit of positive feedback from sales, trades, buys, ect) At that point I responded that she was turning crazy and dramatic and that if she was still so wrapped up in her old carrier, she could have it back instead of me wasting my time selling it. That is exactly what happned as well. It was boxed up and sent back to her. She tried to fight the paypal return claim. Paypal arbitrated and let us both submit our various documents, video’s, notery’s that witnessed condition before return mailing, and photo’s. In the end, they sided with me. This again was not enough for sweet Dana Sharp, bless her heart. She is still trying to harass me via the internet by creating lies and posting false things about me on the internet. It has been 2 months, and she is still at it. She tries to complain to admins of groups and of course tells them one side of a story to try and get me banned. I have tons of positive feedback though dating a few years with zero problems before her, and anyone that contacts me would be able to get the full story. I only post this so that future people can know the type of crazy they are dealing with when they choose to buy/sell/or trade with her and to think long and hard about it first. .

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