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D'Angel Property Services LLC

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Published: 21 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The companies/persons named above have a long history of perpetrating fraud on vicitms via theft by swindle. This can be validated by the plethora of complaints against them online. You may research each company named above by visiting the AZ Corporation Commission and searching their records by selecting Agent for people or Entitiy for business name. Then just google their business names and indivdual names witht he word complaint in the search bar. Ed Boler has previous convictions in MN for mortgage fraud, racketeering, and theft by swindle. We would be happy to share the details info with anyone interested. | The following is the timeline of events as they unfolded: | 2/19/2016 – New Vendor Application from DPS | 2/22/2016 – our company signed all docs in the New Vendor Application packet | 3/1/2016 – submitted completed New Vendor Application to DPS for review | 3/24/2016 – our company’s DPS Vendor Web account activated | 3/28/2016 – first work order issued by DPS to our company | 5/16/2016 – our company started to inquire about payments for work completed via email | 6/15/2016 – DPS replied to above inquiry regarding payments for work completed via email | 7/15/2016-8/15/2016 – our company had 3 in-depth conversations with Ed Boler, Field Manager, regarding a missed payday (no remittance received from DPS 7/15/2016) and the delay in DPS paying our company and the negative impact this was having on our ability to continue business. Ed assured our company that he would make sure the account was brought current. | 8/15/2016 – last work order completed by our company for DPS; email remittance received by our company from DPS did not bring the our company account current as previously promised; our company advised in writing that our company was waiting for the invoice payments to be brought current prior to resuming any further DPS work. | From 8/15/2016 forward, our company has followed up via email and telephone with the DPS office and Ed Boler to inquire about payment per the terms of our Contract. We were told by Ed in writing, DPS may hold our pay for up to 60 days to allow for chargebacks, the DPS office advised in writing, DPS may hold our pay for up to 30 days to allow for chargebacks. Neither is allowed by the Contract. | 9/15/2016 – remittance advice (pdf pay back-up) was received by our company from DPS stating our company would be paid $1,680 would be paid. No money was received from DPS for this remittance advice. Upon multiple inquires, our company was told we would be paid and it could take up to 72 hours. | 9/20/2016 – Upon still following up on outstanding invoices totaling over $7,700, our company was told the following in writing: “If you received a payment remittance you will also receive payment. The remittance lists were recently sent out. It has been less than 72 hours. I did review your account and noticed you are no longer an active vendor with D’angel and should be on a 30 day pay.” | The Payment Terms of the Contract are very clear. It states: DPS agrees to pay subcontractor for services rendered and determined complete within 30 days of submission into PPW. There are unpaid invoices dating back to May 2016. These invoices should have been paid in-full months ago and DPS has therefore materially breached the Contract. | We have already filed a formal complaint with the AZ Attorney General and advise you to do the same in your state if you have been similary vicitmized by these people. | Ultimately, we want to warn people not to work for or with any of these people or entities and we want to pool together our resources to make the appropriate authoriteis aware of the vast impact of this fraud (not just in AZ) and encourage people to take action to end these corrupt business practices immediately before any one else is put out of business by these unethical vultures poluting our communities. END BOLER FRAUD.

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