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Published: 11 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Made the mistake of hiring Dan Gonalez, owner and sole proprietor of Get It Done Renovations. Found him on Craigslist. If you ever encounter this person to do ANY work for you, turn and run the other direction. He is dishonest, and takes NO responsibility for any of the terrible and incomplete work he or his crew perform. Dan was hired to perform a full rehab on a property I purchased. Long story short; a 5 week project with a budget of $56,000 turned into a 5 month project with a budget of $87,000. Eventually I wised up and fired Dan Gonzalez. I brought another contractor in who told me there was approximately $30,000 of actual work that had been completed. So the other $50,000+ vanished. I’m sitting in the property as we speak. Its taken the other contractor over a month and about another $20,000 and we’re still not done fixing things. I needed to hire another HVAC guy to finish the job. We tested all the plumbing and there were leaks EVERYWHERE. We opened up the walls in multiple places to find pipes NOT EVEN CONNECTED and HANGING LOOSELY within the walls. Dan Gonzalez and his guys sealed their incomplete work in the walls for me to discover later. Dan Gonalez led me to believe that all the proper city inspections were being performed on time and in occordance with city code, those were all lies as well. I also later found out that Dan Gonalez is currenty ON PROBATION. I called the police. They took a statement and filed a police report and told me there was nothing they could do (despite me having a conversation between the two of us recorded where he admitted to buying flooring for my project and then never providing me with said flooring); recommended I contact an attorney. I spoke to an attorney to find out it would cost me more money out of pocket. I could recoup that money if we won the case and Dan Gonzalez had any assets (which I know for a fact he does not). I called his insurance company to file a claim and found out that his policy had been cancelled by the insurance provider for, big shocker here, lack of payment. Fortunately he was still covered during this incident. He was covered by Nationwide / Allied Commercial. I called them over a week ago and am still waiting to hear back on the intial claim… Its unfortunate that honest people can be totally screwed by people like Dan Gonzalez, with no real recourse. I mean, what are my other options at this point than to cross my fingers that his old insurance company reimburses me? DO NOT hire Dan Gonalez. EVER. Under ANY circumstance.

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