Daniel Spivey car inspections chimney

Daniel Spivey car inspections chimney Review

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Published: 28 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have known Mr Daniel Spivey for about 5 years. Like an idiot I trusted him again for a second time. He gave me a check as a down payment he owed me. He claimed to be working with a ministry in Ellijay. He pretended to be my so called friend Over the years he claimed to do car repairs on my car he did not do but took a lot of money for. He destroyed aathe screens on my windows. He took them off and did not put them back on. He broke the tile and plumbing on my bathtub. He knocked a hole Iin my wall and never repaired it. He dug a hole in my backyard and dumped garbage in it, He claimed he cleaned my gutters when he did not. He makes up stories about wives, children, and grandparents being sick when he has no family. He makes appointments and decides he does not want to work that day so he will claim someone is dying or verysick. He has a con downwhere he asks to pray with you and claims to minister to others. He tells amusing detail stories about children he has never had . He Iin particular targets older single women who tend to be heavy set and he thinks might have money He also likes to steal their clothes and make up to wear when he dresses up as Brenda which I found out too late. Just recently I became seriously ill and was in and out of the hospital for about 7 months. He was all eager to help me with finding a home for my cat and to help do chores around the house I gave him 200.0 to help with this in addition giving him money all time to buy gas and groceries. Well to make a long story shor the last time I cI came home , my house was totally trashed. MY GARAGE WAS full of old garbage bags from months ago. My car was trashed out. He had all his filthy nasty clothes in my car and all over the house He had dumped all my clothes and garbage in the middle of the floor. I had all my expensive jewlery and clothes missing . I found out later from my neighsbors that he was moving stuff out of my house and loading it into his car. They also saw him come out in dresses , awig, and make up being picked up by men in strange cars. He ran out of my house so quickly he left his bag of drag stuff in my garage. It wigs, two of my mew dresses, an expenise new top of mine that it looked like he tried to cut up into a halter top. He some mak up shoes everything for a night in the town for his hot male dates. He had told me he had found a good home for my cat when all he did was throw her outside in the cold. I had rotten food, broken glass, and all clothes scattered allover my floors and my furniture. I found my new expensive towels with nasty poop on them. He had wiped hiss butt in them. An d just droppied the towels on the floor.

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