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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Sleeping in the same position had caused me severe back pain. It was very difficult for me to walk or move because even a slight movement caused me pain. It couldn’t let me pick my right hand to do any of my work. Applying pain-relief creams didn’t work in my case because the pain was deeper than I thought. Therefore, I started searching for the best therapist in town who could fix my pain in a single day. It was confusing to choose a therapy centre as there were many in my area, after searching for two long hours I gave a call to Dansk Day Spa. They added a flat 40 per cent discount on any therapy I do. This offer tempted me and even without knowing about the place well I made an appointment thinking for the best. I was unknown about the wrong decision that I had made.
As soon as I entered the place I noticed that it hadn’t been even cleaned from years because the place seemed very old and from a vintage time. There was hardly any room for the treatment. The environment was unhygienic and the walls were full of algae and mosses. Water was seeping from the edges of the wall. There was not even a single customer present. I wanted to leave but I felt bad because I already made an appointment. I went into their tiny room where they didn’t even have a massage table. I had to lay down on a mattress with a pillow. The mattress was very dirty and smelling because it was unused for months. When I objected they told me that the mattress helps in their ‘unique massages’. I laid myself down and my therapy began. The therapist first did the stretching and made tried to make me comfortable but during the stretching process she pulled the wrong nerve of my right hand and it caused a tremendous amount of pain. She told me to stay calm and keep myself rested. She then started pressing the acupressure point at the back and it felt good and I had immense pleasure while the treatment was going on. It took her 30 minutes to complete her work and I was told to get up.
I tried getting up but I couldn’t, I don’t know what happened, but my legs were numb and cold. I asked the therapist about it, she told that it commonly happens. I wasn’t able to get up and asked for help. The staff member assisted me in my car and I wasn’t able to push the breaks because I couldn’t feel my leg. It was after about an hour when I finally started feeling some blood running through my legs and I went home. The pain in my legs increased gradually and it became unbearable after a while. I had to stay in bed for a week even after the treatment was done. I would never recommend anyone to get their treatment in the Dansk Day Spa. They have no idea of proper treatment and are unprofessional. Please stay away!

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