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Waste of money!!!

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Martha

Don’t waste your money on Dr. Amanda. She says she’s a concierge service provider but she doesn’t do anything. She only gives you one benefit and that’s of having a reason to spend your hard-earned money. Unless you’re super rich, I don’t think it’d benefit you to avail her services. I had hired her for 2 years and they were nothing more than a waste of my money. She doesn’t do anything. She keeps referring you to the doctors of other areas. And God forbid, if you ever get sick, she’d make you go through half a dozen tests so she could fill her pockets further. She doesn’t bother to stop and think for a while about what she’s doing. She is playing with the lives of her patients.

I had hired her after I got a heart attack. I realized that I needed to stay in constant touch with a doctor. At first, Dr. Amanda seemed like a sweet and nice doctor. But after months, yes months, I realized that she was just an ignorant and arrogant doctor who doesn’t like to lift a finger. She’d make me go multiple tests for different reasons. Most of the time, it was to see if my heart was okay or not. She was getting paid to do nothing. Her tests were inconclusive most of the time. Unnecessary tests aren’t the only main drawback of getting services from Dr. Amanda. If you’d get seriously ill, like I did, a few months ago, then you won’t even see the face of Dr. Amanda. She’d refer you to some other PHYSICIAN!! She doesn’t like to take risks. She is scared of messing up. So she doesn’t do anything at all! The funny thing is, she still gets paid. Even when she does nothing, she gets the full payment. That’s hilarious as long as the money isn’t coming out of your pockets. Let me tell you what had happened to me after which I realized that she’s a terrible doctor. I had a high fever. According to my wife, the fever was so high that I wasn’t even hearing things properly. So she contacted Dr. Amanda and told her about my condition. That bastard told my wife to contact some other doctor and told her that she couldn’t help her at the moment. What the hell?! What kind of concierge medicine is that? Isn’t SHE supposed to check my health and prescribe me the medicine? Instead of her, I got treated by a random doctor who I’d never met or seen. He treated me alright but I was really disappointed with Dr. Amanda. She didn’t even bother to visit me. But she remembered to remind of my routine monthly tests. I stopped availing her services after that incident. Some of you might say that she must be busy. But she wasn’t! If she would’ve been busy she wouldn’t have bothered to remind of those tests, right? She’s a greedy b*tch so ignore her.

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