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Published: 07 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Darin Vega came to Mobile, AL & attempted to sell vacuum cleaners & air purifier machines. The equipment was top notch but he was hiring anyone & wasn’t doing any background checks on them & did not have any permits for doing these kind of door to door sales, which is required. It was a commission based job, so he went through staff rather quickly once sales started to slump. In the meantime, Darin (Darren) was taking money out of the company account & spending it on himself & his family & not putting much money back into the business. He was also driving a broken down limo trying to pretend like he was doing great, which was not the truth. After people started catching on to him & he started paying his office rent late each month, he decided to switch companies & got attached to a reputable real estate woman, who was a good friend of his. He had people going around trying to find homes for sale to get info on, which is also not legal to do since these people were not licensed real estate agents, just people off the street . They had a set " script" to go by & set questions to ask. Well, people got suspicious of that & he was placed under investigation for what was going on. The actual real estate agent cut ties with him for fear of losing her actual license & excellent reputation but then she started dating Darin’s brother & got married to the man, so I am not sure if they are still married or not. Darin is an extreme Narcissist who will do almost anything for money. His poor personnel assistant was rarely paid for her job & she stayed until the office closed Oct 2015. They had a falling out when he left his limo on her personal property & she had it towed after numerous attempts to get him to remove it due to her living in an HOA neighborhood & it being too high of a liability. Darin of course kept his new wife in the dark about what he was doing where money was concerned, so she wasn’t aware he was using company money for personal use. He’s now some kind of " life coach" and doing media stuff with music bands, so I guess he’s back to traveling the roads. Not sure if he’s dragging his wife with him or if she’s staying home taking care of their 2 year old son since her other kids are out of school. I honestly feel sorry for anyone who gets caught up with Darin Vega.

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