Darlene Brady and Lindsey Martin, and Beau Lundgren

Darlene Brady and Lindsey Martin, and Beau Lundgren Review

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Published: 18 September 2019

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In 2011 to 2013, These people rented a house from us, refused to move at the end of the tennancy, did not pay last months rent, stole items from our ranch, lied to the sheriff’s deputy, made false accusations, and refused to comply with the rental agreement. Even with two weeks notice to enter the premesis, in writing, they refused to allow us entry, even lying to the officer called to enforce the notice. We were not allowed entrance to check our property. During their tenancy, Lindsey borrowed my tractor, without asking, and destroyed the clutch, putting more dirt to make a pile in the back yard, so she could put an above ground pool there, contrary to the rental agreement, not to deface or damage the premesis. They had 5 horses on 3 acres of pasture, tearing down and damaging all of the fences, then took without permission some 4×4’s from a shelter, cut them up and used them as posts, and also took without permission some indoor siding in storage to use to cover their damage in the home. None of these people are trustworthy, and do not hesitate to threaten their lawyer relative to sue. Darlene Brady is still in Ellensburg, but Lindsey and Beau are now in the Spokane area where he is going to school to be a veterinarian. .

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