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Published: 24 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Darren Ambler , Cherry hill NJ, Sexual Predator, Drug Addict, Sex Addict, Pornography, Incompetent Parent, Brain Damage, STD Carrier/ Herpes Carrier, Vulgar, No Class, Abusive: Beware:

Darren Ambler continues to be a threat to especially females. However – this Sociopath would back-stab just about anyone to get what he wants or to attempt to keep his secret life of Immorality-Sexual Exploitation-Pornography and Drugs hidden. This Jerk is anti Social and has Zero Personality or appeal.

One positive thing that has occurred is that Darren Ambler has been ”exposed” quite successfully. Darren Ambler will never change period. But as long as we keep the public informed we can possibly help other women from becoming another sexual victim of a sick – uncaring – sexual pervert who is quite evil and extremely selfish. Do not bother to try to figure what makes Mr. Darren Ambler Tick. First of all – this Demented Psycho is Delusional and does not live in the real world. He lives in a Fantasy word in which he created.

Secondly – Darren Ambler thinks he is Right and everyone else is wrong. Which is a common theme among Sociopaths and Narcissists. These Psychotic individuals like Ambler blame everyone else for their mishaps but never blame Themselves. There really is absolutely nothing ”Normal” about Darren Ambler.

It is Critically important to keep any and all information pertaining to Darren Ambler… aka… Darren Scott Ambler… aka…”Busted Balloon”.. up to date and as Accurate as possible. Darren Ambler currently lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He formerly resided in Delran Township, New Jersey. Darren Ambler is a Notorious Con-Artist – Pathological Liar – Narcissist – Sociopath – Abusive to Females and he does not have an Honest or Decent bone in his scrawny 135 pound gross body…

Even worse than just being a Sociopath, Narcissist, Darren Ambler is a confirmed Sex Addict – Habitual Drug Addict/Pusher and a Pornography Addict. Darren is a true Scum bag with no Morals-Conscience – Manners-Ethics-Class – Scruples and he is an absolute PIG that would screw anything that moves. Barren also has Zero Sex Appeal and he is plain and simple ”Homely. After all he has done, some feel Barren Ambler is”evil’ and ’corrupt”. Just like the Devil or”Lucifer”- Barren Ambler is consumed with sinful sexual thoughts – Pornography – Corrupt morality and all he thinks about when and where he will abuse his next Sexual Victim. Mr. Darren Ambler has absolutely no Remorse or Sorrow for his actions.in his deranged damaged Brain, Darren thinks he is right 100% of the time and that everyone else is wrong. Like Poor Darren is always the Victim. Any normal or sane person can see right through his false and insincere actions…Darren also has substantial Brain Damage due to years of Drug Abuse:

Darren Ambler always a Boring and Classless Dork probably never had a date his entire life until he began his secret sexual life about 5 years ago. Darren Ambler probably got tired of being rejected and labeled as a Homely Dork with no appeal and bad breath. About 5 years ago Darren began stalking Dating web sites desperate for anyone that was desperate enough to show an interest in him.

Darren Ambler I am sure knew he was quite limited where females were concerned…with good reason.

Darren Ambler began meeting select females for some Dirty Sex – oral sex and other disgusting and degrading sex acts. Many vulnerable women including myself and other gave into Darren’s seduction and Threatening advances. Darren Ambler began a succession of multiple sexual affairs with numerous females. Darren enjoyed Prostitutes – One night stands and short term sexual relationships. Darren Ambler is unappealing and knows nothing about real relationships. Barren was abusive toward most of his sexual partners. He wanted Sex slaves to perform sick sexual acts at his command. If a particular sex partner would not comply Darren would threaten – beat and even force various Drugs upon the weak and vulnerable female. Darren Ambler desperately tried to prove his manhood and that he was worth something…

The truth is – Darren Ambler is worthless – ugly – he is not a man but a pimp – coward. Darren Ambler is not even half a man. At times – he anted like an immature baby or mama’s baby boy: It was evident early on that Darren Ambler was a serious Sexual addict with vulgar thoughts and a filthy vocabulary. All former sex partners agree – Darren Ambler is Trailer Park Trash or Recycled garbage. Plus – Darren’s breath stinks to high heaven. Many now believe that Darren Ambler may have been punished by GOD for his immorality and mistreatment of women and others. That is why Darren Ambler’s internal organs appear to be rotting away day by day (punishment from GOD). The rotted and decayed organs release a horrible stench that would make one vomit. The smell comes out of his filthy mouth and pores…

The toxic gases being released from Darren’s system every time he exhales may also be damaging the ozone layer. Either way – avoid this smelly sex predator at all costs. His face is enough to make one ill. Darren Ambler was certainly not blessed with Good looks the day the good looks fairy came around. Plus – that skin and bone scrawny body with no muscle tone only adds to his gross everything. It was common practice for many of the women to be beaten – raped and forced to take drugs prior to sex with Darren Ambler. Darren Ambler is a big time Drug addict also. He always had a supply of Coke – Weed – Pills – Speed and other mind altering substances. Darren Ambler is a Pharmacist at Express Scripts in NJ. Not a good profession for someone addicted to Drugs and Sex…

Darren Ambler enjoyed months of multiple sex partners – Pornography – Sick degrading oral sex and watching Porn Hub constantly. The truth be known – Darren Ambler is a total failure in the bedroom. At least 3 former lovers agreed Darren is a’busted balloon’ in the bedroom. It seems they forgot to attach his non existent wee wee at birth. One reason why Darren Ambler was obsessed with oral and anal sex is because he could NEVER satisfy a women any other way. Darren Ambler need a facial reconstruction and a wee wee transplant. Darren eventually met up with Megan Bentzley. Miss Bentzley (Watermute) ran an”so called”meet up group in Pennsylvania. Meet up group was a front for an immoral illegal Prostitution organization that Megan Bentzley is a part of. Miss Bentzley is a sick confused drug addict and experienced Prostitute with a Police record… Darren Stalked and Harassed Mindy Murray for months. Mindy did not evn want this creep. Darren was Jealous of Mindy’s relationship with another female. Mindy feels Darren was a Joke in the Bedroom and out of the Bedroom. Darren is a lonely Loser and a total waste.

Darren Ambler was in SEX heaven after meeting Miss Bentzley and her crew. Rumor says that Darren met Gary Dumas through Megan. The two have much in common only Dumas may be more Violent. Darren and Miss Bentley began a torrent abusive Sexual affair. Megan taught Darren Ambler advanced Oral sex techniques and Pornographic sexual acts. Darren soon engaged in Bondage – Group Sex – Sex with men and women and Satanic rituals. Darren Ambler was like a Robot with no brains. He would do anything for fear of being abandoned…
Darren Ambler enjoyed every minute of what Megan Bentzley and her organization had to offer.

Darren soon serviced a number of female clients where money was exchanged for services rendered. Which plain and simple is Prostitution which is Illegal. Darren Ambler is a male Prostitute – Sex & Drug addict – Porno addict and an evil filthy sick predator that would abuse and curse anyone who stood in his way. Soon Megan and Darren’s abusive sexual union ended. Darren Ambler is a no good diseased PIG. Darren not only abused females but he even Impregnated at least one female who underwent an abortion. Darren refused to acknowledge the pregnancy or help financially with the cost of termination of pregnancy. It was better to abort. God forbid bringing a baby into the world that may look like Darren Ambler. No child deserves punishment like that. Plus – the child would have to face one day that his daddy is an immoral Prostitute among other things.

Darren Ambler has had sex and oral sex with numerous women. Angie Parsons has no kind words for Darren Ambler. Angie stated that one time prior to sex she could not stop laughing at Darren Ambler’s wee wee. Apparently Darren became angry and threatened Miss Parsons. George Parsons despises Mr Ambler also for good reason. Natalie Becerra and Alina have horror stories to tell about”Demented ”Darren Ambler also. Darren Ambler needs to stop these terrible lies and face the truth like a”real man”. Darren is evil and a sex predator that did horrible things and he lives in Denial about everything. STOP blaming Megan Bentzley and other women for Darren’s sexual indiscretions. Darren had a free will and he engaged in these immoral sick actions because he wanted to. Now he must face the aftermath and consequences. Darren Ambler is making matters worse by lying about everything. He has been exposed! The truth has been told. Grow up and accept the truth!…

To date several females have come forward to claim they contracted STD’s from Darren Ambler. These ladies have been Vocal about their illness. Sick – Inappropriate and Illegal actions. If you screw multiple women – Lie about it – Slander these ladies on line and live in denial you will pay the price.

. Darren Ambler at one point kept making reference to Miss Bentzley legal issues with others. That has nothing to do with Darren Ambler. Darren is using Miss Bentzley’s legal issues with others as a way to deflect attention off of his immoral and corrupt actions. Do not buy into Darren Ambler’s scheme…Darren Ambler belongs in JAIL:

It was learned months ago that Darren Ambler has kids. Those poor kids. Darren Ambler is an Incompetent and Immoral Daddy. Darren Ambler could never be a positive influence on kids or anyone else. What could Darren Ambler possibly teach a child? How to become a Hooker by age 18? or How to memorize all the filthy words that come out of his dirty smelly mouth? The kids should wear a gas mask when around daddy to avoid Toxic Poisons from getting into their system…

A ton of proof exists about Ambler’s Sexual activities and shady lifestyle including the Drug abuse. Video tapes of Darren and other ladies of the evening exist. The tapes are rather vulgar acts of sex activity. Darren can lie until his wee wee grows back (which will be never because he never had one). Darren Ambler most agree will spend his Eternity with Lucifer. Hope horse face likes Hot places and fire. No bad action goes unpunished even for delusional Darren Scott Ambler…

Darren even tried to blame others for his excessive Drug use. Grow up baby Darren. Drugs certainly did a number on Darren Ambler’s brain. It is not pleasant being exposed for being a liar – prostitute and sex and drug abuser but the truth is the truth. Porn Hub was Darren Ambler’s favorite Pornography site.

Darren would watch the filth prior to sex. You could tell Darren was jealous of the male porno stars attractive private parts. Which makes sense because Darren Ambler has zero below the belt and above the belt: please beware – be on alert all the time for this Unpredictable Sexual Deviant Darren Ambler. He will screw married women – divorced women – senior citizens – married women – teenagers : He must satisfy his addiction or he goes insane…
Please warn your daughters – mothers – grandmothers-sisters – great grandmothers. No one is safe from this over sexed sick beast. If approached by Darren Ambler call Authorities at once.

Carry pepper spray in your purse for protection. The authorities are aware about Darren Ambler and his practices. Most people cringe at the simple mention of Darren Ambler. No one has kind words for this Homely freak of nature with toxic – flammable – gaseous breath. Most agree they would be happier and feel safe if Darren Ambler just went way and lived on some isolated Island away from normal people. Or if he was Jailed for a long period of time. Darren will have to answer for his wrongful actions one day. ”Consequences” is something Darren will on day face.

You can be convicted of Prostitution several months after the act was committed: many former Sex partners did recall that when Darren Ambler was high his already bugged out eyes looked even more buggier when he was on drugs. Also, Darren became more abusive when he was HIGH: Too bad Darren lucked out big time. No wonder Darren’s former wife ’took off” I guess she could not stand his insane behaviors – sexual indiscretions and of course that horrible UGLY Face. The poor girl was smart getting away from creepy Darren.

Something must have been wrong for anyone to marry Darren Ambler to begin with. How could anyone with any sanity and 20/20 vision want any part of Darren Ambler let alone marry the sexual pervert. Mr. Ambler engaged in the following acts:

Prostitution – illegal…

Exploitation of Women for money… illegal

Transmission of STD’s… Criminal:

Harassment/ Physical Abuse – Can be charged in a court of law. Sexual Abuse .

Harassing and stalking women with intent to have sex with:

Darren Ambler does not have a decent bone in his body: He does not deserve children because of his addictions, irratic behavior, Drug abuse and his out of control Sex addiction: He has probably screwed a hundred women or more since his prostitution way of life began, Donot become this predators next victim: Darren lacks Morals, Scruples, Manners, etiquette and self respect:

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