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The staff is unprofessional, rude and lacks common courtesy

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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dassel Dental used to be a great place. But after they expanded and added more dentists in the team, the place went downhill. You can expect to get yelled at if you don’t listen to them closely. Not only that, they have become malicious and unethical regarding their treatments. I had gone there for a filling. According to them, it had a warranty of two years. Now, just after a few months past those two years, my filling has fallen. When I contacted them, they told me that I’ll need to get another one. I believe these people did so because they want the customers to keep returning.

They kept calling me multiple times a day after they heard about my fallen filling. I asked them if they’d offer any discounts or something because, to be honest, the filling wasn’t supposed to fall off at all. In reply, they told me that they don’t have any offers on a dental filling at the moment. Still, during this whole ordeal, the tone of the customer support rep was quite disrespectful. I realized that it was a mistake for me to even consider these guys. So I didn’t go to this place.

Look, the market has plenty of experienced dentists. You don’t have to go there and listen to the pathetic customer support staff of Dassel Dental. Their accounting or billing staff is terrible too. They weren’t even paying attention to me when I had gone up there to pay my bill. They were ‘busy’ doing something in the PCs and made me wait to RECEIVE THE PAYMENT! Like, what’s the deal with these guys? They don’t even bother listening to the customer. But what they do care about is their marketing.

Even though the customer support rep was rude and all, she didn’t hesitate in sharing the various deals they had on the regular checkup and their other services. I wasn’t interested in any of them but who listened to me? She was busy rambling about the amazing services of the place when she was supposed to discuss my filling.

I used to love this place. Really, before all this mess up and expansion, it was a great place to go to. Now, it’ just a hellhole filled with careless and pathetic people whose only goal is to get as many clients as possible. And they don’t even care about the clients during this process. I believe a major reason why this place sucks so much now is because of the greed of Dr. Ness. He got too much obsessed with scaling and expansion. He didn’t even consider checking the soft skills of the people he was hiring. The end result is a team of chimps who know nothing about dentistry and customer satisfaction.

Every minute there feels like hell. So it would be a whole lot better for you if you went someplace else. Let them be. You don’t need to listen to their discounts and other crap.

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