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TERRIBLE Experience

Datainsure fraudulently ripped off my friend’s company

Recently, I was shocked to hear about the terrible situation faced by my friend’s organization. My friend was a client of Datainsure and since the obligations were not fulfilled by them, the company was not able to ensure processing of current private label credit cards which was initially promised. This led to lower sales revenues. No billing statements were given to my friend for auditing purposes and the answering service! Oh God! No one returned any calls and hence my friend started having doubts about the legitimacy of the organization. The fees were almost double of what my friend’s company was paying at the earlier processor and the account was being billed electronically. Documents have been given for cancelling the account although billing charges are still being levied. No calls or messages are being returned and the bank has also tried but to no avail.

Sadly, they are now stuck in a helpless situation. This is not the first time. Last year, a long-term customer of Datainsure requested for account cancellation and got an email which stated that a cancellation fee could be charged. However, $695 was reportedly removed from the bank account of this customer without any invoice, explanation or notification. There are no phone calls or emails being returned. Another client cancelled the account due to poor software and service. This client had to pay an extra $117 to get out of the mess and finally close the account. The same story has happened for numerous other people as we found out recently.

While I ask everybody affected to join hands with my friend and take action against this fraudulent company, I also request everybody else to stay away from them since this is nothing but a sheer waste of money and time.



  1. anonymous November 11, 2018
  2. anonymous December 29, 2018

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