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Published: 21 December 2018

Posted by: Sarah

When I saw Dave and his Money Partner Formula, I was excited. This guy says he is different from other real estate gurus and he claims to be different from all those generic teachers out there.

But my experience with Dave has been very disappointing. I can’t even believe the kind of scam he is running. It is different, true, but certainly in a wrong way. You will end up spending a good deal of your money when you will work with this guy. His ‘Risk Reversal’ is just jargon for his complex marketing tactic. He isn’t teaching you for the sake of it, no, he wants more from you.

Dave Dubeau shows himself as an expert and as a thought-leader in the real-estate business. But do you know what he really does? He manipulates people to invest in his properties and projects. And most of the times, the projects he recommends investing in are fake. They are simply some ways for him to get money out of your pocket. You end up investing in a fake property and he gets away with a large sum.

Why his scam works?

That’s because he hides it so well. Go to his website, and you’ll not see anywhere anything about investing right away. No, he will first gain your trust by teaching you a course. He runs a podcast and teaches people through his courses. When you will take his real estate investing course, he will tell you that you can start with some of his projects. And from there, he begins stealing money.

I ‘ve lost $30,000 to this guy so I know how his systems work. I am a victim and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. There must be hundreds of other people who have fallen prey to the malicious schemes of Dave Dubeau. That is why it is essential that you read this article. You will surely find some disturbing and eye-opening details, I’m not joking. I have also shared my personal experience so any reader can see how Dave scams people and why you should stay away from him.

If I had known the reality behind Dave and his fake persona, I wouldn’t have lost $30,000. I was close to bankruptcy because of Dave’s thievery. My life was ruined. It’s still unstable and I’m far from financial security and due to the devastating impact Dave had on me, I wanted to share my story and alert others. So it can save you or someone else from the scams of Dave Dubeau.


Who is Dave anyways?


Finding any piece of information about Dave is difficult. There is nothing available about him online. He markets himself as the best investing guru but the reality is, nobody knows him. His website is pathetic and there is no social media presence (except his Facebook page, which is full of blasphemy). If you want to know who Dave is, you will have to do a lot of digging.

All I was able to know about Dave is that he is a real estate investor who teaches others about the same. He is also a self-proclaimed Investor Attraction Expert. This means he can teach you how to get others to invest in your projects. He also speaks at events and has best-selling books under his name. According to him, he started his real estate career in 2003. He did 18 ‘creative’ flips in just 18 months and that was his start.

His main profession is running a scam. Through his real estate investing business, he has generated enough money to buy fake reviews for his online presence. He claims to the worlds’ best investor attraction guru. He says his career started around 1993. He had a BA in psychology and he wasn’t able to get any good jobs through the course. He got frustrated with the market and went to Costa Rica to relax for some time. After spending time on vacation, he started an English teaching business there. According to him, the business grew substantially in a few months because of his marketing efforts.

He got married there and had a few kids. After some years, he moved with his family to Canada. Now, everything seems true up to this point. Things get fishy from here. He says that he didn’t have any job when he started living in Canada. He used to sit at home, watching TV when one day, he saw an infomercial about a real estate course. He bought it and right after that, he started real estate investing. That’s when he did his 18 ‘creative’ flips. That’s a staggering number, especially for someone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of real estate and investing. He says he got this much successful because he knows marketing.

Now, through his life story, he is implying that your work experience doesn’t matter. You can just take a course and turn your life around. That’s bullshit. He’s clearly lying. He is good at marketing, I know that, because of the way he markets his scams. But if you think taking one course will change your career and make you a rich guy, you’re dead wrong.

Dave is deceiving people by telling them a fake life story. Come on Dave, can’t you tell the truth? Can’t you simply say that you spent months, learning about real estate before you begin investing?

He can but he doesn’t, and you know why? Because he is selling you a fantasy. He is telling you that you don’t have to do anything in order to make money. People get fooled easily, like I got, because of the way markets his devious schemes. If you will think logically, you will clearly see the lies he is telling you. His podcast and his program support his fake persona. If you don’t know much about his profession and his experience, then it is quite difficult to find his reality.

Dave Dubeau’s scam is of luring people into investing in his bogus real estate deals so he can steal large chunks of money from his so-called students. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a vicious and low-minded criminal. He has ruined the lives of many people and he is not stopping anytime soon. Like me, there must be countless other people who have lost their thousands of dollars because of this cheat.


Dave Dubeau is a Real Estate FRAUD!!!


I had found out about him through a Google ad. He was offering a free book, and I was like, ‘Yeah, why not?”. I clicked on the ad, ended up on his landing page and downloaded the book. The book didn’t offer much but it was free so I had no expectations. However, I got interested in Dave’s mentorship and his unique ‘Risk Reversal’ strategy. According to his ‘Risk Reversal’ strategy, you only have to pay him for his Money Partner Formula after you have taken it for a month. He will be teaching you things without taking a penny

Sounds good, right?

It is a way of gaining confidence. He knows that a normal person wouldn’t give him thousands of dollars for no reason. His scam is not of selling fake courses. His scam is bigger. HE STEALS YOUR MONEY and makes you invest in FAKE PROPERTIES.

He is committing a real estate fraud and that too, on a large scale. Many people are unaware of this scam of his because they don’t even bother to check the properties Dave makes them invest in. When I had bought his course, I was happy because of the feeling of exclusivity Dave gives you. Visit his website and you will see what I mean.

Dave Dubeau says that to enrol in the course, you will first need to chat with him. He will determine whether his course is right for you or not. He says that he recommends the course to one out of three people only. That is just rubbish talk. I did not face any kind of difficulty in getting an enrolment in his Money Partner Formula. It was pretty, easy. Dave did ask me if I’m willing to make any investments in real estate before enrolling in this course. I had told him yes because why would I take the course if I wasn’t going to invest?

His course was pretty simple. He taught me about marketing and why I should focus on direct response marketing to generate more leads. His course was more about generating leads (the course is about getting investors). He tells you to lie to your future investors and show some fake numbers. However, he also says that lying is the last resort. Personally, I’m strictly against lying to your investors. That was the first red flag for me. I should have seen that Dave is a lying thief who wants nothing more than the money in other people’s pockets. When I finished the course, which lasts for a month, I was supposed to pay him $5,000 for his shared knowledge. I paid him the full amount because he had taught me the whole month. He did not discuss much real estate apart from some basics (which I already know).

The real attraction came later in the course. He asked me, “Do you want a powerful real estate portfolio?”I was sceptical because I thought he would be selling another one of his courses. But instead of selling me a course, he told me that he has a number of properties I can start investing in. He said he helps the students of ‘Money Partner Program’ to build a powerful investing portfolio so I can attract investors fast and accelerate my growth. Now that was something you don’t hear every day.

I was happy and excited. I told him I would surely do it. I should have known that Dave is a real estate fraud and not a reliable person. If I had used my mind then, I wouldn’t have lost $30,000. He shared some details and told me that I need to invest $30,000 in these properties within 3 days. I was like, “Isn’t it a little too much and too fast?” To which he replied, “I’m promising you, everything is ok. But you will need to trust me as I trusted you with my course.”

I foolishly trusted him. I gave him my $30,000 and that was my biggest financial mistake. I never heard from him again. He blocked me everywhere and stopped responding to my messages. It took me a week to realize that I had lost $30,000 to a scammer. Dave Dubeau is a big fraudster. His course, books and podcasts are all a way for him to get more victims. He is a smart marketer. And it’s nearly impossible to see the truth behind his lies.

If I had even a little idea of his reality, I wouldn’t have made this foolish mistake. Dave is running a huge scam and he is stealing money from different people. I don’t know how many others have lost their savings and thousands of dollars to this guy. He is a cheat, thief, liar and a criminal. The only thing saving him from any kind of trouble is his online persona. I was fooled by the way he markets himself.

This guy lies everywhere. He tells you he is going to help you build a real estate portfolio and help you attract investors while the truth is he is only waiting to pounce on your money. I am happy that I did not give him $50,000 because he had initially asked me to do the same.

I’m not the only victim of Dave. There are many other people.  It’s a sad truth that criminals like Dave are roaming around freely without any kind of repercussions for their actions. He should pay for his crimes. I want my $30,000 but I know that there is a zero chance of getting my money back from this fraudster.


His useless piece of crap books


Dave is a published author. His books are a means for him to promote his deceitful course. He knows how to market his brand and his books help him in doing so. But don’t think his books are any good.

Like I said earlier, I had downloaded one of his books, which he was giving away for free. And it was full of nonsense. I learned nothing from that book except that I should go and knock on the doors of investors if I want them to give me money. He is selling trashy advice and charging you for the same. He has built a process for scamming people.

You first read his book. In his book, he gives you a little suggestion and then he asks if you want to learn more and suggests his course as a better learning option. Most of his books are either free or cheap. When you find out about his course, you also see that you don’t have to pay him a penny for learning.

Dave  teaches you some rubbish for a month, in order to win your trust. Before that, he checks to see if you’re willing to spend some extra money. If he sees that you aren’t going to spend an extra thousand dollars at least, he will ignore you. He is a smart scammer. No wonder he hasn’t got caught. After you complete the course, he charges you for the same and then tells you to invest in some of his recommended properties.

That’s the scam. When you have already read the guy’s book, taken a month-long course and accepted him as a mentor, you would surely accept his recommendations. The properties this cheap scumbag recommends you don’t exist. He gives you counterfeit papers of some fictional property and urges you to make the payment fast.

I hate to say it, but I fell for this trick. His property recommendations always go higher than $10,000. I had found a guy who had also taken part in the Money Partner Program. That guy had invested $20,000 following the advice of Dave. Whenever he tried to reach to Dave, he would get the reply that Dave is busy. He never got to talk to Dave again. This man is in depression. He had worked very hard to save that $20,000. Those were his savings which he had kept investing in a serious business. Dave ruined his life. This was just another story of the way Dave has destroyed many lives. I too, was under financial turmoil when I lost my $30,000 to Dave. I wish he spends the rest of his life in jail. I wish he would pay for the crimes he has done and the pain he has inflicted on hundreds of people.

This guy isn’t stopping anytime soon unless some action is taken against him.


Social Media Spammer


Social media platforms are the main source of victims for these scammers. Dave also understands the value of having a good social media presence.

He, however, follows a unique approach here. He doesn’t have a Twitter account. I’m guessing he failed to get anyone to cheat on that platform. His Instagram account is also a failure, as it only has 10 followers and ZERO posts.




Next is his YouTube channel which only has 23 subscribers. He has admitted himself that he is not that much into social media.



His main source of attracting potential victims is Facebook. There, he has 13k followers for his page. He has made huge investments there to maintain his fake persona of being a good guy. He has hired a number of fake accounts to write positive reviews about him.

If the reviews of his courses and schemes had been real, Dave would have a too negative online reputation. He spends a lot of money in erasing all the negative reviews (or real reviews) of his products. That’s why it’s so hard to find much information about this guy online.

Think about it. This guy runs a podcast, publishes videos on Facebook and has an online business but his online presence is nearly nonexistent. Why? Because he doesn’t have more lies to share. If I had checked his online reputation and his online presence before taking his course, I wouldn’t have to lose my hard earned money.

I don’t know how long will his scam will go on. But I know that he will keep stealing money from innocent people who want to make smart investments with their savings. Through his social media accounts, he is luring more people to victimize.




David Dubeau is one of the biggest real estate scammers online. He is cheating hundreds by lying and deceiving them. He should be thrown into jail and tried for fraud and thievery. He is a white-collared criminal. If I had even a tad bit of idea that Dave is a vicious deceiver, I wouldn’t have entrusted him with my $30,000.

He stole my money, he gives useless advice and he lies to everyone about his business. He tells you that you’ll begin generating investor leads for your business automatically but the truth is, you will not even get started.

Dave steals money from you right at the beginning. His course cost me $5,000 alone. And I didn’t learn anything special after spending such a huge amount. If you are looking for a way to burn your cash and get rid of your hard-earned income, feel free to work with this asshole. He doesn’t care about your net worth, your financial situation or your trust. He only cares about one thing, and that is getting the money out of your pocket.

His real estate scam must be put to a stop. Don’t you think it’s time that we raised our voices against such vicious financial criminals? It’s hard to know how many lives he has ruined up to this point. I wrote this article to raise awareness against this criminal. And I hope it opened your eyes.

Now it’s your turn, what are you going to do about him?

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