David and Amanda O'Neal

David and Amanda O'Neal

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Published: 18 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hello, I’m trying to get in contact with David O’Neal and Amanda O’Neal Requireding a personal matter between me and him. David and his wife committeed fraud on me and run off with close to 35 thousands dollars dollars cash, assets and property of mines. All which I can prove with evidence. He has a pending matter that he has to respond too with me. This all started when I met David at my church. I was looking to have my food trailer repaired to start my food business. Had members of my church suggest I let David do the repairs because he was in need of work. From my understanding David was without money and down too his last. My church came and allowed him to do things to make money and help him on his feet. After getting to know David I had open trust with him as a brother in Christ. Had David give me a quote on fixing my food trailer. David an I spoke about business and got to know each other. I let David know of my knowledge in the construction field and told him of ideas I had of a trailer modification business. David later wrote up and presented me with two business proposals asking me to partner with him in in two businesses. He wrote up showing what he claim to be his volume of business and his definite business coming soon for construction stating that if I made the investment I would see the return quickly. Second proposal was for another partnership with a trailer modification business. Neither businesses David held his part too. In our partnership contracts we both agreed to contribute money, time but I was the only one who contributed something and lost while he gained. David lead me to believe he was something he wasn’t, and lead me on to believe he would fulfill business plans, lots of lies were told, stalling, empty promises, and nothing was fulfilled on his behave. After me following up after David for months trying to pull information out of his secrecy and stalling tricks. After several months of time pasting, being locked out of books, no business activity, I would ask about the details and get talked around. Eventually I found out he took me of my money, assets and property and never applied my name to anything connected to the business as we agrees. He never even created the trailer business and after our last conversation I told him I would have my lawyer discuss with him what I’m entitled too. During this time David was very hostile but he agreed. I was looking to get accountability and make things fair but David stalled out even the more and disappeared. David took advantage of me because I am a single full time father of a 4 year old, I make decent money, I have a passion and desire for business, I made the mistake of not getting the proper accountablilty, I trusted him and I am a loving brother in Christ. Only reason I’m speaking out on this is because David took advantage of me and I don’t want it done to anyone else. The God in me has been over it and I’m not damaged In heart over it anymore. If I don’t be reimbursed I’ll live and be blessed. I loved David and his wife like brother and sister to the point I paid for there stay a time where they lived, cooked food for them when they had no food, prayed for them. Part of my funds for our business were used to purchase the Lincoln car they drive, computer cell phone etc to help them out even tho they were business expenses to get our business going. All these things were hurtful and upsetting to me but I have forgave them. I do want justice if this can happen so I can get what’s rightfully mines. If any true Godly people know how to help me serve David his proper court papers please contact me. God bless..

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