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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

hi – i will make it short, but have been looking for that guy for some time now. My story is quite similar to everything i can read up here. Quite frankly, i don’t know how this guy is not already in jail. David Desbons even tried to convince me to forget about the money he still owed me, by offering me some drugs. he said one of his best friend knows a lot of stunning girls and that i should relax and try to enjoy my evening. it turned out that the guy has been teaming up with a female pimp as well!!! Last time i talked to him he was in need of a good shower, said he borrowed some money from his family. he went on and on about how rich, famous, and stupid they all are, and how he managed to convince his half brother and his wife to help him start fresh again (he meant paying me the 10k he owes me. it was back in sept and have not heard from him since OF COURSE). one of my business partners managed to track him down as it turned out Desbons convinced him to invest in a start up fund and needed some money upfront. when my partner showed up at Desbons ‘office’ he was told they never heard about him. anyway…Desbons now operates in Paris, where he dates a French actress named Lea Seydou (G knows what BS he told the girl about how successful he is and can take her business to the next level) and he does not pick up his uk phones (i have gathered more than 5 numbers for the same guy…sounds like he has something to hide?!!!!!). his phone number is on the french white pages website under David Desbon (without the s – a new attempt?). My business partner would consider going to the police but as he said, chances are slim that they will do anything about a guy in Paris. His family believes he has a legitimate job in a company, i am about to find which one this is supposed yo be and will let u know. My business partner’s sweetheart has been partying with the same crowd, she is about to source the famous girlfriend phone number and try to get to him. That guy is a total fraud, avoid him like the plague, and beware, he operates under different names (Desbons, Desbons Lauvaux, Lauvaux, and now maybe Desbon without the s). comes from a very wealthy family, i guess he gets some special protection or something like that to avoid jail, where he belongs

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