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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I can’t even begin to describe how awful this place was, I wouldn’t go back there if they offered to pay for my wedding.
I was so excited when my girlfriend asked me to marry her, it was the happiest day of my life, and we went to celebrate it at this fancy restaurant downtown. I accidentally dropped my engagement ring down one of the sinks, that ruined my mood completely. I cried all night, it was a very traumatic experience for me.
My girlfriend calmed me down and said she knew the perfect place to replace the ring. We went there first thing the next day, the lady at the front desk was very nice, she helped us look at some rings, she’s a great person, and my thoughts on her are completely positive.
But the reason I’m here is because of the other lady, the one that entered the shop a few minutes after we arrived, she worked there, and I think her name was Linda. So, Linda was just doing her things when I casually kissed my girlfriend on the cheek, I clearely heard how she gasped when I did, so I looked at her, and she was looking straight at us as if we were a rare species.
I understand that not everybody is fine with gay people, but this was not a random woman in the street, this was an employee from a supposedly respectful company. Linda should know to at least avoid being rude to customers, but she didn’t. I did my best to ignore her obviously disgusted look and continued with the purchase, but she started making very offensive comments.
Out of nowhere, she asked us if there was a gay heaven, like what? And that was not it, my girlfriend, being the kind and tolerant person she is, tried to ignore her, but she insisted.
I don’t remember her exact words, but I remember she said something like ”I hope you’re not planning on adopting” as if it was her business, so that was it for me. I took my girlfriend’s hand and left the place without saying a word.
We couldn’t get a replacement for my wedding ring and suffered the most horrible humiliation from an employee who didn’t know the first thing about manners. I have filed complaint about this on their site, with the managers, and with the customer service, but no one seems to be doing anything. I just want this person fired for treating customers so horribly.
Also, I forgot to mention, I had told the lady who was tending us about how I lost my ring, she laughed but I could see she felt true compassion for me, while the comments that came out of Linda’s mouth were unnecessary, to say the least.
Oh, but I do remember her words, they are very clear in my head:
”Maybe that means that you should seek for god instead of a new ring.”, yes, that’s what she said, and I’m not letting it go until this person gets fired, or at least apologizes.

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