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Sexual battery charges dropped against Simi Valley Doctor

Charges of felony were filed against a 51-year-old physician on Wednesday. The doctor was accused of behaving sexually with two women in his Simi Valley office.
David Lounsberry will be brought before the court on Jan. 13 due to two counts of sexual battery as told by Deputy Dist. Atty. Bill Karr. The charges were a result of the incidents that had occurred in February and August 1992 which involved an adult patient and mother of a juvenile patient.
The charges stem from a joint investigation held by the district attorney’s office as well as the enforcement unit of the Medical Board of California told Mike Bryan who supervised as an investigator with the unit.
As per Bryan, the investigative reports have to be submitted to the state attorney’s office to know if any action will be taken against the doctor’s license to practice medicine. Bryan told that there was an incident that occurred where a woman brought her young daughter to the doctor as there was a problem with her daughter’s chest and there was another incident when an office examination was held.
An employee from Lounsberry’s office was called on Wednesday and told that the doctor would not comment on any kind of charges held against him. Bryan told that the doctor denied any kind of sexual misbehavior on his behalf and insisted that he had done nothing apart from treating the patient.
In the laws, for each count, the guilty is sentenced to six months in jail and a fine of $2,000.
David Lounsberry was acquitted of five counts of sexually inappropriate behavior with four women who included three of his patients at his Simi Valley medical office in between February and September of the previous year.
Lounsberry said that his life has changed in the past five months and the change has frightened everyone who knew him in the profession.
The jury told that there was not enough evidence to prove that Lounsberry fondled the women during their examination procedure.
Jury foreman Rocco Serena said that there just wasn’t enough evidence to prove the charges.
Robert E. Courtney of Redondo Beach said that they were thrilled that people considered the evidence and did not judge the doctor just because charges were brought against him. The case was more about the fact that almost all of the witnesses that were against Lounsberry read about the incident in the newspaper and created an image of Lounsberry as a bad doctor. Deputy Dist. Atty. William G. Karr was disappointed as well as surprised by the verdict of the case because according to him there was clear evidence to prove the doctor was guilty of the charges but he respected the decision of the jury.
Another jury member said that the doctor’s testimony formed a base to frame his decision. Brendan McAuliffe of Port Hueneme said that he was looking for something that he may have said in looking for sexual intent but found nothing.
Lounsberry could have been sentenced to six months in prison and a fine of $2,000 for each count if found guilty.
David Lounsberry was placed on probation for a year by the state medical board as complaints of fondling female patients have been made against him.
Candis Cohen, a spokeswoman for the Medical Board of California told that David Lounsberry who had been practicing in Simi Valley since 1984 and was put on probation on June 18 and also said that it is done in order to get him back on straight and narrow.
The board’s original accusation stated that the doctor was guilty of fondling women; the accusation was based on complaints filed by 10 female patients.
Administrative law Judge Samuel Reyes heard about the case when he was in Los Angeles in April 1996.
He found out Lounsberry’s actions were a reflection of unprofessionalism and could not be neglected, based on the testimony by three out of ten female patients who accused him of improper breast examinations. Reyes was however convinced that Lounsberry did not engage in any kind of fondling.
After when the board adopted the ruling, an appeal was filed by Lounsberry that was heard by Los Angeles Superior Court. Cohen told that the court supported the medical board’s decision.
James Duff who was Lounsberry’s attorney stated that Lounsberry has appealed that ruling but no hearing has been set. Duff also told that Lounsberry continues to fight against the medical board’s action.
He said that the further proceedings proved that there was no sexual misbehave and it couldn’t be proven because it never happened and as there was no sexual misconduct then what was unprofessional behavior he was accused of?
In June 1993 a Ventura Municipal Court freed Lounsberry from the charges of improperly touching 10 female patients.
During the trial, Lounsberry said that he touched four women who testified against him but only for medical examinations and there were no sexual intentions involved.
Officials said although he was freed from the charges, the Attorney General’s Office filed the administrative accusation against him.

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