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Fraud Dentist! No transparency, looting people for money!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Scott

I just hate to say it that but I really warn you to not visit this dental clinic for your problems. They are just after your money and do not provide any prior estimate for anything. They charge so heftily just for a consultation and I can’t say how much they would charge for any other service. They have a full plan to take you in. I just want everyone to stay away from such fraud dentist who is working just to expand his business and is just a shame on such a noble profession.

I was referred to this dentist by one of my relatives who is a regular client there and talked about the firm’s goodwill all the time. At first, I was also happy to see the dentist who turned out to be quite helpful and understanding. I had to take out a molar as it had been paining a lot lately and I wanted relief from pain. The doctor advised me some medication to get some relief from the pain and then, come to visit the clinic again in a week.

For a person who knows nothing about dentistry and how it is done, I wanted to know the exact charges for each and everything because I am the sole earning member and asking about the expenses is necessary to manage the budget that may get disturbed with this step. I politely asked about the entire expense that would take my tooth out, I did not get any estimate too, all I got was some off-topic talks with a touch of your words claiming everything depends upon situations if the medications make my pain numb so that the molar can be diagnosed for any type of infection.
So, I took the doctor’s suggestion and bought the medicines. Although I got relief for the first 3 days, as soon as I stopped taking them, the pain was the same. I went straight to the dentist, to ask for the reason because it had really pissed me off and I couldn’t do any of my work on time, all my focus had inclined on my pain which was unbearable. I wanted a quick relief so I again, scheduled an appointment with the dentist to understand the problem in a better way.

The doctor told that the molar was infected with a bacterial infection as well that was the real reason behind the pain. He also added some more medications to be taken to eliminate the pain from my teeth. The worst part was, I had to pay double the charges this time, just because of the consultation charges, diagnosis, and the medicine. The doctor could have told me about the infection before too when he diagnosed me for the first time. I didn’t understand why they took time and made me visit again.
But I became suspicious this time and wanted to get second opinions, so I asked one of my friends who has just completed with his dentistry degree and moving towards opening his own clinic to check my molar. He immediately told me that half of my molar was broken and was infected by bacteria. I asked the approximate cost for everything. He explained me everything in details giving me valuable information about consultation fees etc. It was shocking to note that the estimates he told and the fees I was already paying were not at all same. Dr. David Son was charging me way higher than I should be charged. He had extorted $ 350 for the first time and $ 600 for the second examination whereas I should have been charged somewhere between $ 300- 600 combined for both the diagnosis.
Clearly, the doctor was cheating and looting people to earn money. The whole clinic is running a well-flourished business and they don’t care if the other person can even pay for the implied charges. I had been saving enough since last two months just so in case I needed when I will start my treatment. But this is just injustice. I feel cheated, you cannot just take suck people’s money like that.

I checked for the review online and found similarity with some people who also claimed to have experienced such behavior. I am not against paying a higher amount for the right thing, but at least being the payer, I want to know the facts. I want to know what and how much, it would cost. It is just general information, but I would not allow myself to get exploited from people who don’t care about other people and are centered on filling their never-ending money bag. Shame on you!! If you can’t provide the right information, don’t cheat with people who trust you.

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