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Dr. David Van de Loo in Eau Claire arrested for the sexual assault of a teen

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Published: 28 July 2017

Posted by: Yolande I. Perry

The former pediatrician of Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire has been charged with sexually assaulting a patient. He was a pediatrician for the past 18 years and he was arrested because he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy. The boy came to the pediatrician for a routine sports physical but the doctor started to masturbate in front of him for 20 minutes and afterward, he did that two more times. Experts told the press that there was no medical need for what the doctor did and their opinion was that the boy was a victim of inappropriate sexual conduct by Dr. David Van de Loo, a pediatrician in Eau Claire.
The investigation was surprising and deeply troubling so the pediatrician’s employment was terminated and he ended up in court.
In the court, Dr. David Van de Loo was accused of sexual contact with 15 male patients while he worked as a sports medicine specialist for Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. He is 61 years old and a pediatrician for God’s sake!
The jury needed 22 hours to deliberate and to agree on what will be the verdict and after the jury read the convict, everybody was shocked: not guilty!
The jury was pushed by a judge because they didn’t reach the agreement on two charges. That is the reason he brought the jury to him to issue dynamic instructions which are issued to encourage jurors during lengthy deliberations. He told them that they should make an honest and sincere attempt to reach the agreement and then he retired them to the jury room one more time.
It was said that if Dr. David Van de Loo were convicted, he would stay in prison for a lifetime.
After two hours of deliberation, the jury could not charge him with second-degree sexual assault because they only had proof for one alleged victim. They said that Dr. David Van de Loo “acted consistently with accepted and reasonable medical practices”.
Family members of the victims were in the courtroom that day and they were disappointed with the jury verdict. Some of them were pissed off.
22 lawsuits were filed by family members and Mayo Clinic Health System is named as a defendant in the suits. They stated that the verdict was false and that all the sexually assaulted patients should bring this man to the hands of justice.
The prosecutor was disappointed with the verdicts because there was merit to the case and both the sides presented compelling evidence. He took full responsibility to not getting a guilty verdict.
Dr. David Van de Loo surrendered his medical license because he endured these kinds of charges. He also had two remaining charges against him. He was accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with 15 male patients and that is why he was fired from that job.
The main problem was that the attorney wanted to seek possible identity disclosures, but Mayo Clinic requested disclosure, and the judge decided that the name will be revealed in future paperwork.
The attorney wanted to protect the victim’s identities so he was disappointed when Mayo Clinic wanted to display their names. But the Mayo Clinic wanted the settlement to end with confidentiality, which was good for the clients. The attorney that represented Mayo Clinic said that he is happy that everything is finally over and that everything will be solved only with the parties involved.
After all, this pediatrician returned his license so the justice had won after all. We are trying to get ourselves in his skin in order to understand the meanings, but the law doesn’t have its moral excuses. Somebody is guilty or not. As we look into the past, there were many assaults on children, but today, we have stronger technological and advanced possibilities which give protection from any assaulters. Of course, political correctness and all those things that we imagined in new times protect everyone, but we must ask ourselves, are we overly protective now?
One example is that children all around the world know about laws so we have examples of children calling the police for every kind of molestation and standing up for themselves when something of the sort happens with them. What is molestation indeed?
So in this criminal trial, we are choosing sides by our own thoughts, but there should be one objective thought and that is: “you shouldn’t do any harm to any children”. That doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t hit them if they are wrong but when hitting becomes the only way of communication, we must interfere with our laws because they are here to protect every citizen.
I urge you all to beware of the likes of Dr. David Van de Loo!

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